February 11, 2013

One More Off The List...

I've been under a huge mound of UFOs since Christmas and I'm sure you've gathered by now that it was really weighing on me. Since the January 1st, and my decision to make FOCUS my word for the year, I've been having small victories nearly every day. Yesterday was another of those days.

I can't share all of the details because I'm not quite sure whether or not I'd be giving away a secret, but I received a message from someone I hadn't heard from in over twenty years! She was asking me to help finish this project. It's for the wedding of someone very special to her. All of the cross stitch had been done, but the backstitching intimidated the bejeebers out of her.
I told her she could send it to me, but that I wouldn't be able to stitch on it at all until the new year. I've actually been working on it on Tuesday evenings with the Paneras group, but I decided this weekend to just go ahead and finish it. Done. Done and Done!

Looking at the two photographs now, I can see where I've taken a few "liberties", but I only looked at the chart (not the picture) the entire time. I've done needlework for over forty years, but even I talked to myself while stitching it. I can completely see why it was handed off!

It will go in the mail today and be on its way back home. Another project from the "To Do" list to the "I'm Done" list! On to the next project...

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Pellie / Penny said...

What a wonderful piece.
I love those English patterns - but have never been brave enough to try and do one myself.

You did a great job.


ImagiMeri said...

What a lovely gesture, and so kind. Okay, I've got a trunk full of stuff that needs to be done.....LOL, just kidding. I bet there's all kind of goodies you'll be finishing and showing us soon......can't wait.


Createology said...

Focus is such a great word. It was my word just a couple of years ago and one that I still use to help me. Your finishing this adorable stitchery for someone is very nice of you. To Do equals Ta Da-done!
P.S. Where is Tag on this Tuesday? Is he out chasing squirrels???

laurajane said...

It's lovely Donna,but where's Tag? Xx

nancy huggins said...

Awesome job as usual and I also have 2 big bins of UFO and they will have to just sit until after the move :)

Minimiss said...

Nice finishing Donna. A blind man on a galloping horse wouldn't know that it didn't match the picture exactly. And which is correct anyway? The picture or the chart? It looks pretty darned good to me.


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