February 2, 2013

Sunday Scripture - Turning The Page...

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 Thanks to our most gracious and bountiful Lord for prayers answered
 in the past week. We must always remember when we invoke His
name and ask that His hand guide wise people to make wise decisions, 
 we may not always receive the results we seek if our hearts are corrupt. 

Likewise, if we ask for His will to be done to protect the innocents, and
our motives are for good, we can trust that He and His angels will never 
forsake us. The Lord always answers our prayers, but we have to know 
that sometimes His answers don't yield our hoped-for results.

Thank you again, Lord, for answering my prayers, that my requests were 
in accord with your desires. You have heard my words and seen my
actions,  you inspired and witnessed my change of heart, known my deepest 
thoughts, and then you saw fit to grant these prayers to your faithful daughter.

Over the past six months, I stood apart from my parents and siblings in a family
struggle. I chose to take a position based on morals and principles. I endured
constant attacks on my integrity as they mounted a concerted, vicious and public
campaign against me. I guess they thought they could improve another's image by
attempting to tarnish mine. I was both shocked by and ashamed of their actions.

I have honestly and earnestly forgiven each and all of them, but I will never
forget their behavior. The rift they forged between us by their actions will
never be repaired. People I have written of with great affection in former
blog posts, will never be mentioned again here or in our home.
What they might continue to say or think about me is no longer my concern.
 So, I will ask that the Lord continue to heal my heart and mind to
expunge the memories of those who invoked God's name as they sought to
punish me for my beliefs and actions. I also ask that His angels continue
to shelter me beneath their wings as I move ahead in my life without them.

Thank you to my husband who is my refuge through sunshine and storms.
He is my love for all our days; and my one constant and true companion. 
 thanks to my true family who love me through all the times of my life...
our sons and their families, the few relatives who believed in me and stood
beside me through this conflict, my dearest and truest friends - near and far -
who defended me even in my absence, and to those of you who have
tolerated my distractions over these last months as I struggled to stand
against the tempest, as well as understand, cope with and accept these changes.

It's time to steer this ship back to the things that really make my life both
"joyful and creative"...focusing on my family, my friends, homekeeping, 
and sharing my silly, little corgi and artistic endeavors with you.
God bless you for your patience and continued friendship.
With deepest gratitude,

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Cheryl said...

God Bless you Donna, Praying for continued Comfort & Peace...
Big Hugs ~ xox

Lesley UK said...

Donna,my friend. Obviously I don't know what's been going on in your life.but I do know that thrughout you will have acted with grace and honour . There comes a time in most families when we have to say, 'Enough is enough' even though it may break our hearts to do so. Take comfort in the love of your husband and sweet little Tag, and know that all your blogland friends are thunking of you. Blessings Lesley UK

Lesley UK said...

Apologies, my laptop can't spell this morning, but I'm sure you know what I meant to say.

Sue said...

It's the hardest thing when there are struggles with family members. Yes, God is so faithful to provide family in other ways. I pray that your week is filled with His love and sunshine in your heart. I love how He is always faithful to supply sustaining grace.

laurajane said...

God bless and keep you Donna.
Always remember...you can choose your friends,you can't choose your family.
Stay true my friend to the things that matter most to you.
Loads of love and hugs .Laura xx

Createology said...

Dearest Donna I am thankful your prayers have been answered. Family dynamics is the hardest life challenge...yet you have faced them with courage, conviction and grace. Thankfully your Handsome has supported you through this trial of faith and integrity. Now may you blossom in the sunshine of creative enjoyments and breathe the joy of life fully. My sincere hugs...

Lee Brda said...

Fait accompli! I am glad that you can put all the negative behind you. I know that you have struggled mightily even though you kept it inside. I, too, have forgiven a family member but will never forget. This was a good week. My mom is safe and sound in her new digs. We need to talk soon. Love you BFF!

Yumm yumz by patticakes said...


I am so very sorry to hear of your betrayal and heartache. One would never have guessed the turmoil in your heart from the neverending grace and generosity of spirit you have shown.
I have found comfort and courage in your words as I have been going through something similar this past year and have, more than once, found myself questioning my own convictions.
I am grateful for the peace you have found in your heart and soul!

Patty said...

Praying for you, be strong the knowledge that you are loved.

Minimiss said...

Our adversaries only make us stronger Donna. So glad you have endured and not been dragged down to the level of others who have disappointed you. His will be done. xxx


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