February 25, 2013

Tuesdays With Tag - Learnin' Is Fun...

 Hi, Everybody!
Remember when I told you about learnin' my trick so I could go for rides 
with Mom or Dad? You know. The one where I go and retrieve my collar
and give it to somebody to put on me before we head out in the truck?

Well, before I tell you what's next, I have to tell you that I'm so smart that
last Saturday I really showed 'em! Mom got ready to go to Coffee Club and
I always get to go along for that. Not last Saturday, though. Mom came over
to me and chirped somethin' about how I had to stay behind 'cuz she was gonna
go to a quilt show after coffee. She said it would be too long for me to be in
 her SUV in warm weather. I was not happy! I expect to ride along every time.

After she left, I figured out that Dad was gettin' ready to leave, too. 
"Hey, Dad! You're forgettin' the corgi!!!"
He wasn't payin' attention, so I decided to be a little more obvious.
I ran and grabbed my collar (without bein' told to) and took it to Dad.
He laughed out loud, but apologized that he couldn't take me either.
I got an extra treat when he put me in my kennel, but I was peeved!

When Mom and Dad both came back home, they let me out of my kennel
and gave me lots of attention. When Dad told Mom my story, she almost
didn't believe him. What the heck? They know I'm a smart boy!
(Mom said somethin' about me bein' "big for my britches".)

Mom said she'd teach me a new trick this week and we've already started
workin' on it. She said this is "buildin' on the last trick" she taught me.
 I can tell time. I know when it's 8 o'clock in the mornin', and I'm
accurate within five minutes of 5 o'clock in the evenin'. That's 
when I sit in front of Mom or Dad and remind them that it's time to
feed this growin' lad. Mom thought that it might be a good trick if
I would just show up with my dish to let her know it's feedin' time.
 So, Mom grabbed my lightweight travel dish (instead of my fancy
pottery dish), and set out to teach me the finer points of pickin' up
and deliverin' my dish. I'm not gonna give away any trade secrets,
but let's just say there were treats involved! I don't know why this 
is such a big deal. I figured this one out pretty quick.
 Now, she's got me fetchin' my dish and when I bring it to her, I
get a little treat. I'm pretty sure that by the end of the week, I'll
be grabbin' my dish and lettin' Mom know when it's 5 o'clock!
You know she'll tell you all about it, right?

8 am UPDATE: By breakfast this morning, Tag had this trick down.
We followed our usual routine...I always take him outside and then when
 we come back inside I give him his breakfast. Today, I brought
him back into the house and said, "Tag. Do you want your breakfast?
Go get your dish." I headed to where we keep his food and he went
into the kitchen. I heard him pick up the dish from his feeding spot, then 
he came trotting around the corner with his dish in his mouth and gave 
it to me. I told him what a good boy he is as I filled his dish and fed him.
Did I tell you that I giggled with mirth the entire time? Yessir!
That didn't take long. What am I going to teach him next?

I'm gonna see if I can score some more snacks.
Just goes to show that "Learnin' is fun!"
I'll be back next week. 'til then...
"More Waggin' and Less Barkin'!"

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Createology said...

Hi Tag! You certainly are a very smart boy. Mom needs to be challenged as you are very quick to learn new tricks. Hope you got your ride along after all. More waggin dear...

DeeDee said...
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DeeDee said...

This is precious.. I taught my boys to shake with both paws.. and then I put my fist down low and they pray.. both paws on the fist and head down.. Bentley does it so good.. Chuck is still learning.. then they lay down and wait till I say " get your self some".. lol.. gotta love them smart boys.. Tag is very smart, one day and he has it..love it..

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

What a smart boy! You are just too darn cute for words Tag. Love ya bunches!
xx, Auntie Shell

Minimiss said...

You are just too clever for words Taggart!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh, my, Tag! You never cease to amaze me! You are a brilliant boy! I'm sorry you had to stay behind in your kennel. Love, Twyla

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Go Tag! This is the cutest...I love that face.


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