February 5, 2013

Fussy Work...

After being duly chastised by The Corgi and removing this original post
in favor of Tag's Tuesdays With Tag post, I have now received permission to
 put this up again (with additions) for you to read. Again, apologies to The Corgi. 
Extra biscuits have been extended as a peace offering. Corgis are so darn touchy!
 I spent the day Monday working on one of the last three applique' blocks
for our "American Treasures" album quilt for our guild. The three that are
left are: Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey. I started with Connecticut.
 The first stage of the process is to preshrink the applique' paper by ironing it.
Then all of the pattern pieces have to be traced, ink sandwiched between another
 sheet of applique' paper by pressing again, and then cut every piece out for the
 design. Next, I chose the fabrics from the kit for the appropriate pieces.
 This is where I was by the end of Monday's workday.
 This is my progress on Tuesday. I'm two-thirds finished.
 Here's a closeup of one of the praying mantis' in this block.
 There's still so much to do. Lots of fussy work. It's a good thing I'm focused!

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Kris said...

Wow, Donna!! That IS a lot of work!! I remember seeing the blocks you all have finished earlier this year and they were so amazing that I think all your fussy work is well worth it!! I look forward to seeing the last three completed!!

Createology said...

Showing these process photos really puts the amount of work into prospective. Your dedication is beyond amazing. Lovely my dear...

The French Bear said...

Wow, that's a lot of work, you are amazing! I am always in awe of your work....this will be another wonderful piece to inspire me!!!

DeeDee said...

you have way more patients than I do.. but your work is so lovely... :D

Sewing In CT said...

wow! those look so tiny! great work.

Minimiss said...

OMG I can't believe you are doing that. So much work!! Fussy ain't the word, fantabulous might be better.

VintageBettys said...

Donna ...I know this is alot of work. I made my very first quilt for my first grandchild and that took me forever. I have some pictures on my blog it was for her baby shower. The outcome of all the hard work was well worth it! My sister works at a quilt shop and she does alot of complicated things like you. I'm hoping to get that good someday.


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