February 7, 2013

Applique' On The Go...

 Can you believe it's FRIDAY again, already? Where is the time going?

Today, I'm sharing a Christmas gift I received from lovely Brenda in 
our Saturday Morning Coffee Club. She made an organizer for all my 
applique' tools and it's perfect! First...I love the fabrics she chose.
 I don't know if she created this from a pattern or designed it herself,
but it has just the right number of pockets for my tools and supplies.
(I'll ask her on Saturday if it was a pattern and if so, I'll share the name of it.)

I already had my vinyl pouch for all the things that might fall out
of the side pocket, but don't you think it looks like it was made especially for
 this purpose? It just the right size! I'll tell you more about it later in this post.
I managed to tuck quite a few applique' tools into that little pouch...
A fimo-trimmed, glass bottle for my needles; bias binding makers in
three sizes; my indispensable Thread Heaven; a rubber finger sleeve
that I use as a thimble-on-the-go (I don't want to lose my precious silver
one!); Roxanne's Glue Baste It temporary, water-soluble glue and 
Aleen's OK to Wash It permanent glue in little travel bottles.
 I also added a safety pin (I just remembered I got a fancy one from our 
granddaughters that I can use!) to hold my spool of Kimono silk in a neutral 
color. The spool kept falling out of the pocket, so I threaded the ribbon through 
the holes on the spool and then pinned the ribbon to the edge of the pocket. 
It's easy to use this way without unpinning it, too!
 On the right hand side of the organizer are long, skinny pockets for holding 
my applique' & pressing tool and stiletto. When I'm not using the stiletto, 
you'll notice from the other photos that I keep a cork on the sharp end so I don't
hurt myself. Brenda also sewed two little felt flaps at the top to hold needles and
pins. I added my cute, little metal dog which has a magnet to hold it to the flap.
 When I'm sewing, I can park my needle there so I don't lose it.
 I also have a Sharpie™ marker (for drawing my applique' shapes on
freezer paper); my 1/4" stencil brush for applying starch to the fabric;
and another handy tool...it's a convenient refillable glue pen from
Sewline. It's also water soluble and has blue glue that turns clear when 
it dries. The fact that it's refillable was also a selling point for me.

This kit is great! All I have to do is grab it and most of what I need to 
applique' is right in my hands. I really appreciate this wonderful and 
handy gift from my friend. Thank you, Brenda. It's workin' great!
 Now...about this vinyl pocket. Have you seen these before?
Would you like to know how to make your own? It's simple and quick.
Just let me know if you'd like a tutorial and if you'd like to know,
I'll post one for you next week so you can learn how to make your own!
All you have to do is ask!
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13 friends clicked here to leave a note for me:

The English Romantic said...

Hi Donna,
What a great idea, everything together and ready to stitch. I would love to see how you made the vinyl pocket.

Carol B said...

What a lovely gift from your friend! I would love to see a tutorial on the clear pouch.

Lesley said...

Lovely and practical!

shelley said...

I just made myself a note to put together an applique kit so I'm not looking for everything at the last minute. I am very interested in hearing about your cute little see thru pocket. I have not seen one before. Looks like fun! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Great idea, and such a convenient size. I think it would work for embroidery tools, too.

Createology said...

You have not mentioned the size of this but it must be very large to fit all of those supplies into it. This is a marvelous on-the-go way to be organized and ready to applique. Unanimous for the vinyl pocket tutorial thank you. Fabulous gift from a friend. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

Pat from Florida said...

Love it! Looks like the perfect needle keep to me.

Indigo Blue said...

What a lovely and carefully thought out gift. Does your friend live locally as she may have been what you use and design this around your tools? Lovely little magnetic dog too, very unusual. I would love to see how the pouches are made.

DeeDee said...

My first thoughts.. gosh I love this little carry case and two how'd she make that clear pocket carrier... :D such fun organizers for your lovely tools... cannot wait to see how to make the clear pouch.. thanks Donna

Minimiss said...

What a perfect gift. I have something similar for my knitting bits and pieces. Invaluable.

Patty said...

What a thoughtful gift. Make s me think I should make me one of those. I would love a tutorial on the vinyl bag.

VintageBettys said...

Don't you just love when someone gives you something straight from the heart :)

Jillayne said...

This is brilliant Donna - what a lovely gift and a treasure you will have for years to come!
I love things like this, that help us to get organized, and have what we need close at hand. Somehow or other it just adds to the whole process!


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