February 26, 2013

Class Prep...

Crab•apple Hill "Over The River And Through The Woods"
 Today, I'll be preparing for the class I'll be teaching tomorrow. I'll be at 
Crazy Quilters in Venice, Florida. I needed to choose my fabrics (done), 
make the first block (pending), set up the embroidery to teach (pending), 
and finalize my class outline (almost).  This will be Session One of Four.
 The pattern calls for six light-value fabrics (loving these)...
 Six fabrics of medium value (ahhhhh, yes)...
 and six dark-value fabrics. (For some reason these photographed 
looking gray when they're actually all very black backgrounds.)
"Luuukkke. Come to the Dark Side."
(Did I just do that? laughing!!)

One of the things that I think is cool is that, when I shopped my stash,
I found a black with a leaf/bird combination pattern (second from the
bottom of this stack), and then I found the same fabric in an ivory 
(bottom of the stack in the "lights" photograph). I am tickled!!!

I'll be cutting, writing, making foundations for paper piecing and looking
forward to teaching my first session tomorrow. This is going to be one cool quilt!

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Kris said...

Have fun with your class, Donna!! I have seen this quilt finished and it is spectacular!! Your fabric choices are yummy!!

Raewyn said...

This is a lovely pattern Donna; hope you got everything ready in time and the classes go well!

laurajane said...

You make me laugh Donna.....luuuuuuuuuke...
The fabric is gorgeous ,can't wait to see this one finished.
Have a good day at the class,they are lucky girls having Miss Donna for a tutor.
Laura xxx

Buttons said...

Very nice...different color scheme. Question, when you "shop your stash", how much material do you usually have of each design? Just curious. Have a great class! :)

Createology said...

This quilt and these fabrics are fabulous together. I really cannot even imagine how to do all of this and I would love to be in your classes. I admire your ambition for today. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

Minimiss said...

I just know it's going to be gorgeous.


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