February 27, 2013

Class Day...

Today is class day in Venice.
I have the sample border completed. It will become a border in my own
quilt, but I want to be able to give the students an idea of how the block
will look for them. I created the paper foundation for it, just in case they
don't want to use the traditional piecing method (which I think I prefer).

My class outline is complete, so they'll know what to expect for the day.
I took the pattern page for the stitchery, and after I pre-shrunk the
muslin for backing the design, I traced it onto the panel fabric.
When I had my needlework shop, I used to sell Tomorrow's Treasures 
scroll frames. I have an entire set, and they are still my favorite frame
for stabilizing my stitching. Now they're manufactured by American Dream,
and I'm so glad that they're still available! (If you're interested in some for
yourself, here's the link. No. I'm not compensated for any endorsements. I 
 just like share my finds with you when I have or use something I really like.)

I'll start working on this as I teach the stitches called for in the pattern.
That ball of pink perle cotton you're seeing was just used to baste the main
panel fabric to the muslin for just a little more stability. I probably wouldn't
have added the extra fabric for my quilt, but the students are new to this
needlework technique, and the second layer of fabric will help to hide any
carried stitches. They're using black, dark gray or brown threads and any
thread jumps would definitely show through the light-colored panel fabric.

So, I'll be gone all day. Handsome usually has a morning rehearsal, but he
dropped a cymbal on his foot last night and we don't think he'd be comfortable
in a shoe, or making the ankle motions he'd need to make to play. His swollen
foot feels better with ice, so I suspect he'll be most comfortable with his foot up 
while he reads a good book. That also means Tag can stay home while I'm away.

Have a great day, my friends. It's almost the weekend - and the start of another 
month already. Where does the time go? It seems I just get used to writing 
"February", when "March" comes butting right in! So much to do...

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Patty said...

Hope you had a great day and I hope poor Handsome's ankle is feeling better.

Createology said...

These fabrics are so elegant and this border is gorgeous. Cymbals are very heavy so I hope Handsome is doing better now. Wonderful weekend after your class day...

Minimiss said...

Looking great already. Ouch to the cymbal on the foot trick - they ain't light those things. I hope Handsome's foot recovers quickly with no lasting damage.

Scrap for Joy said...

We never think about how sensitive the top of our foot is until something falls on it...it doesn't take much to cause excruciating pain. I've never held a cymbal but I'm sure they're heavy. I'm praying for my husband so it will be easy to add yours to my list.
This project will be beautiful. I went to the post showing the completed quilt...gorgeous!


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