November 1, 2017

Studio Stuff...

Studio Shelf
I purchased this shelf for $15 over the weekend. Today, I gave it the first coats of paint so it will match our farmhouse woodwork. 
It's going to hang in the studio, and will hold some of the sewing-related figurines, etc. that are scattered about the room. Mostly, they're precious gifts from my blog friends, or items that were received in online swaps. It will be nice to have them displayed in one place. 

This dark brick color is currently showing through the light paint, giving it a pink tinge, so I'm going to wait until the paint is completely dry and give it a good sanding before painting again. I think it will be a "process". 

I had a few other projects around the house, so I'll work on them at the same time until everything is done. I'll feel pretty accomplished when I get all of them done. Then, I'll be able to show you. 

Guess I'd better get back to it. I have things to do while the paint dries! 

November already? Whew! Time sure does fly.


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Createology said...

Great display shelf with the hooks for hanging treasures as well. With your painting skills it will be beautiful. As November brings more cold and Winter approaches, you will have lots of indoor time to enjoy your studio and Hickory Hill Farmhouse. Blessings Dear...<3

Robin said...

Nice find. This will be a great addition to your studio. Looking forward to you finish.

Jacque. said...

Nice! Fun to have different projects, isn't it? xo


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