November 13, 2017

A New Farm Treasure...

Hickory Syrup
You may have noticed lately how I've become slightly obsessed with the whole process of canning. (Understatement of the year, I know.) I recently found a group on Facebook where I've made new friends and found great knowledge and inspiration. The group was created by Marisa McClellan who wrote the book, Food In Jars (among others). Her group is of the same name.
A new (to me) friend in the group is Mary Marshall. She writes the blog Cooking With Mary and Friends. She has posted some magical canning recipes, including the one I recently told you about (Christmas Jam). It's a big hit around here.
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Over the weekend, I found her latest group contribution from her blog...Praline Syrup. (Click on the link for the recipe.) I immediately decided I'd make this recipe using hickory nuts, which I mentioned in the discussion. Another member shared that she'd made hickory syrup, and I went from there.
Dried Hickory Shells and Nutmeats

When I spent so much time last fall and winter cracking hickory nuts, I only had one thing in mind when I saved the shells (and nutmeats I couldn't pry out of them). I figured I'd use the shells in summer campfires, or when grilling spare ribs.

As luck would have it, I never did anything with them over the summer, so they just continued to dry out in a clean 25 gallon plastic container. When we started talking about the process of making hickory syrup, I decided to bring the container inside and give it a try.
Finished Hickory Hill Farm Hickory Syrup
Eight hours later, I have six pint jars, and seven 1.5 ounce sample bottles of the most tasty, beautiful golden brown hickory syrup to show for my first effort. I've barely made a dent in my tote full of shells. 
By my calculation, I have enough to make at least twenty more pints of syrup...and that's just from last years shells. That's not even counting the fifteen gallons of hickory nuts from this year that I'll be shelling for their meats.
I'll definitely be making Mary's recipe for Praline Syrup, and I'll spend free time this winter making more Hickory Syrup, too. I'll be ordering containers today, and plan to share this golden nectar in my shop. I'll have larger bottles or jars available, as well as small sampler jars.
They'll be listed up in my shop as soon as the new containers arrive, and I'll be sure to let you know so my blog friends get the first chance to purchase some. If you know you'd like to have some, you can send me an email to reserve a pint or jar. More goodness from Hickory Hill Farm, thanks to a little help from my friends.


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Createology said...

How delightful to watch your JOY in homemaking and canning at Hickory Hill Farm. Hickory Syrup sounds interesting. All the new friends you are making are really inspiring you onward in new/old directions. I believe your Farmhouse is very happy once and canning and tilling the soil just as our forefathers/foremothers did. Blessings Sweet Donna...<3

laura dowdall said...

Oh it’s really not fair that I live here and you live there lol.If I was in the US I would definitely be trying that syrup.It looks good Farmer Donna.xx. X

Sewing In CT said...

Donna, I use maple syrup on my oatmeal at work. If you think your syrup would be good that way, I'll take one of the larger jars! :)

heartsease54 said...

This sounds so interesting. Can't wait to try a jar, I will send you an email.


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