November 6, 2017

Brighter Fabrics...

Tropical Fabrics

Some of you noticed what my dear friend, Susan (now living in Georgia), told me years ago. I need a little more color in my work. Susan loves bright colors with black backgrounds that really make them pop. In fact, I have a fabulous, favorite wall hanging she gave to me at the end of the last quilt show.

Sea Life and Florals

I have listened to her - and you - and will add more bright colored items to my show repertoire in February. I'll have items made with Florida, sea life, florals, geometrics and other bright colors to mingle with my "go-to" fabrics.

I'll start sewing soon while I also make my Christmas gifts this year, so you can be sure I'll share the finished projects with you for your input. I've got plenty of time, so I won't be waiting until the last minute, for sure.

I'm still under the weather, but getting better by the day. I had a delivery of delicious chili yesterday and have been eating every grandma's cure for the common cold...homemade chicken soup. I'm also not trying to do too much other than heal. I've got too much to do to just lie around all day! Maybe I'll just sit in my fabric studio. These brighter fabrics are bound to get me up and around in no time, right?


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Danice said...

So glad you are feeling better. The fabrics are truly bright and vibrant. Yes, the holidays will be here soon. How time flies.

Createology said...

Love your bright colored fabrics for Florida and beyond. Feeling better is excellent news. Happy Studio Sitting and Planning...<3


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