November 2, 2017

Painted Shelf...

Gifts From Friends

I thought I finished painting the shelf yesterday. When I was editing these pictures, I still saw a pink tinge in some of the images. Man, that dark brick stain is aggressive!

I've hung the shelf and placed my treasures on it already, so when I'll take it down to tackle that tinge is anyone's guess. I didn't see it when it was hanging up, so it's not top priority for now. I have other things to do.

The top shelf holds the artwork of my blog friend, Mary Wadsworth (the oak leaf tree on the left); a Jim Shore Labrador retriever; an antique acorn table cigarette lighter; a felted polar bear and owl from PeakVintage on Etsy; and a felted corgi from my dear friend, Marion (she owns Tag's brother, Trip).

More Treasures

The tiny bear (sitting on a chair) was made by my longtime Wisconsin girlfriend, Linda; the strawberry pincushion in back next to the chair, and the strawberries on the far right were created by my friend, Jacque. I wrote about them HERE. She also did the corgi cushion hanging in the middle of the next picture.

I placed my antique silver pincushions from England (the swan and shoes) and a dog (behind the swan); and a little basket pincushion, holding custom-made acorn and oak leaf charms (sorry, I couldn't find the Etsy shop for those).

I made the pincushion on the lower shelf (and offer smaller versions in my Etsy shop); the acorn straight pins were a gift from Jacque, too. Susan Pilotto of Mouse Droppings created my gorgeous, little mouse pincushion; and my Canadian friend, Margaret B. of The French Bear made my gorgeous white bear. The wooden acorn is an antique thimble holder.


Some of my favorite heart shapes, and the corgi (which was hand stitched by Jacque) hang from the pegs at the bottom of the shelf. There's a pair of acorns hanging behind the corgi, too. (There's that pink tinge. grrrrr)

More Treasures

The brown velvet acorns were also created by Margaret B., and I love them! My friend, Shelly R. of Bungalow Bling created the cone. Isn't it pretty?

I love that little gap at the top of the shelf, too. I chose not to fill it with caulk, preferring the imperfection of it.

Studio Shelf

I originally had my hanging organizer located here, but I decided to move that and put the shelf here instead. I think it's better in this space, and I have another use for the organizer that was here before.

I think you'd agree that I did pretty well for a $15 find and a little leftover paint, wouldn't you?


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Createology said...

Your new old shelf is perfect and I rather like the pink tinge. Showcasing your treasures where you can enjoy them every day is Priceless. Lovely treasures from treasured friends...Priceless! <3


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