October 9, 2013

Strawberry Pincushion Swap...

Gorgeous gifts from Jacque A.
 I don't remember whether or not I told you that I was participating in
a Strawberry Pincushion Swap this month, but I did. The swap was
organized by Erin at Why Not Sew? Quilts blog (click here to visit).

I thought that I would send out my swap package to my partner and that I
would be receiving a package from the same person, however, the person
who sent my package to me was someone completely different. Surprise!

When a package arrived for me from Madison, Wisconsin, I was trying
to figure out what would possibly be inside. I read the enclosed letter
and realized that this was my swap package. Then, I began opening 
the red and white polka dot-wrapped gifts inside from Jacque A. Oh, my!
She stitched a Corgi ornament for me!
 Jacque's blog is "The Doodles of My Mind" (click here to visit).
Before she created my gifts, she visited Brynwood to learn a little
bit about me. For my friends, "Do you think she hit the mark?"
(Of course she did!!!) 

She told me that she realized we had a few things in common:

• We both like Crabapple Hill Studio designs. I made the
"Over The River" quilt, and she's working on "Snow Days".

• She and I have both had Herding Breed dogs - me, corgis
and she, collies. AND, we've both had Labrador retrievers.

• My current dog's name is Taggart (aka "Tag") and her
current dog's name is Tag (aka TagEButt)!!! Sweet!!!

I have another one for her, too...

• She lives in Madison, Wisconsin. I grew up in Wisconsin,
and at one point, I commuted to work in Madison, WI.
Small world, right?
Look at the sweet, little bone button!!
 She included a hand stitched corgi ornament, and it's adorable! She used linen
thread on linen fabric, a tiny bone button, and then finished it with polka dots.
My strawberry gifts from Jacque
 She also sewed up two large wool strawberries, and they're truly wonderful.
There are three acorn-sized strawberries, embellished with lace and 
buttons, and then another hand stitched creation...a strawberry pillow!

For the strawberry pillow, Jacque again used linen thread to stitch her
design onto linen fabric. She attached a sweet little matching strawberry to
one corner of it. Swoon! I've placed all her lovely strawberries in one of my
creamware dishes, and now it sits on my cutting table where I'll always see it.
The perfect place to show off my new corgi ornament!
 I've hung the corgi ornament on the wall with my organizer. This is where
I keep many of the wonderful gifts that my blog friends have gifted me.
Happy, happy, happy!
 I think this is the perfect place for it, don't you?

I was really overwhelmed by her generosity and true creativity.  I think 
she really read me well. In fact, when I realized that all of these gifts 
were from her, and not the person who will receive my gift, I decided 
that I wanted to create a few things with Miss Jacque in mind. I'm 
planning to send a personalized gift to thank her for what she sent.

(Don't tell her, ok? We'll just keep this secret between us for now.)
My latest Strawberry Rose as a pincushion
 My swap partner's name is Jessica and she lives in North Carolina.
Are you surprised that this is what I created and sent to her?
...with my acorn magnet and silver thimble
 Of course, it has my "Brynwood" label (acorns and thimble not included).
Silk roses
I'm really happy with the way it turned out, and Jessica might even
get it in the mail tomorrow. I sure hope she likes it. In the meantime,
I'm going to start working on a few surprises for Jacque. I want to
sufficiently thank her for her beautiful strawberry (and corgi) gifts.

Thank you, Jacque. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE every single, gorgeous
piece you sent to me. They'll be treasured for for years to come.

5 friends clicked here to leave a note for me:

Clara said...

Lovely swap and very beautiful gifts!

Createology said...

Taking the time to really find out what you like and then to personalize your gifts is very special and Jacque did just that! Sounds like you both have a lot in common in this very small world we live in. Blessings Dear...

Jacque. said...

Donna. I am so happy that you are pleased with your swap items...it was fun putting your package together. What a lovely post you wrote, here. No need to send a gift to say thank you. Take care, and hugs to Tag!

TerriSue said...

What a lovely swap package. So many goodies.

Sherry said...

Wonderful swap gifts. I have not participated in a swap for a while, this looks like it was very special for all involved.


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