October 25, 2013

It's Autumn In My Mind...

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 Living in south Florida, we don't get to see the riot of color that paints
the landscape in more northern climes. We seldom feel the crunch of
dried leaves beneath our feet, and frost on our grass is a rare anomaly.
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 So, short of taking a road trip to Wisconsin for apple picking, 
pumpkin carving and leaf raking, I have to get creative to see the
visual images my mind easily recreates in these wistful moments.
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You see, Autumn is my favorite time of year. Period.
Image by D.Liljegren
Walking in the field with my retrievers, feeling the rustle of leaves beneath
 my feet, and smelling the fragrance of spice in the tall, marsh grasses are
 just a few of the myriad sensory memories that nearly overwhelm me.
Image by fauxfarmgirl.com
One of my favorite things this time of year was to see the tractors in the
fields, pulling balers that would bind up hay on one day, followed by 
another apparatus that would catapult them up onto a trailer the next.
Young men, mentored by more experienced farmers, stacking the bales as 
they land. One can imagine the bone-tiredness at the end of a long day.
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Beautiful, warm, sunny days yield to cooler weather. Leaves litter
the surface of the ponds and lakes that will soon be covered with 
a coat of ice and snow. There are still a few days to sit outside in a
favorite chair, read a good book and bask in the sun with a blanket
on your lap. Evening landscapes are peppered with fires, and a few
last s'mores to be made and consumed before it's time to move life
indoors away from winter's bite. For now, we won't think of that.
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 We'll think of all the animals collecting Mother Nature's bounty
 to carry them through the season of earth's rest...sometimes in
 the most unexpected places - and in the most amusing ways. 

Until I'm again walking through those golden fields on a crisp
Autumn day, I'll stroll through my memories with deep gratitude.
Autumn lives inside me, no matter where I am.

Happy Fall, y'all. Enjoy your weekend.

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Clara said...

What a lovely post, Donna! Fall is magic for me too and I love all the pictures in this post...each of them tells a story....

Minimiss said...

Lovely images and words Donna. I always love to see your photo of your beautiful dogs.

Jacque. said...

Nice! I love the photos...images enhanced by the words you wrote. Lovely memories.

sunny said...

You point a lovely image with your words. I got to live much of that today! Leaves littering the scenery, the crunch of them underfoot, the smell of wood fires..... I love fall!

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

What a lovely post! You describe those wonderful fall moments so beautifully. I'm in Southern California so I know what you mean about the lack of seasons. I was so ready for summer to be over this year.

Laurie said...

Fall is also my favorite season, I love the different scents that are in the air, and the beauty of turning leaves. Awesome post!

Sherri said...

I loved this post Donna! Love all the beautiful photos. Fall is great!!

Createology said...

Beautiful post. That little squirrel is quite industrious. Our Fall is just about done here. Wind and colder temps this week. Embracing every day...


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