October 16, 2013

My "Twisted Journey" Quilt Program...

Talking about my "Life of Pi" quilt.
 Last night, I gave my quilt journey program to our guild. I had really tried to avoid 
this, but the program coordinator, Sally, was persistent. I finally said, "OK. I'll do 
it, but it will be more of a twisted  journey, rather than a straight path. My words 
stuck, and that's how my program was billed. Last night, I said that I actually 
preferred, "The Long and Winding Road", because of the circuitous route my 
quilting endeavors have taken. Until about seven years ago, I never ever would 
have considered myself a "quilter". Boy, has that turned around for me!
This is my "Seaside Rose" quilt. One of my favorites.
 I took sixteen quilts with me and told a little story about each one.
From my very first (what I thought would be my "only") endeavor, which
was a quilted, finished-in-one-day, hand-tied Christmas tree skirt, to some
of my most favorite projects, I spoke for about twenty minutes about how
I came to be a quilter. I think about how much I've learned, and how much
room I have for more knowledge and improvement, and I have to admit
that I was a little surprised to learn just how many quilts I've made so far. 

I found that I've created more than fifty quilts, and most of them were 
lap-size and larger. Most were twin or queen size, and I gave away or
sold a significant number of those projects. Considering that I "got 
serious" in only the last six years or so, I was pretty happy about that figure.
Queen sized, "Garden Magic" quilt.
 I explained how I moved from my first four-patch lap quilt kit to making
kits for much larger projects. "Garden Magic" was made for the bed
in our guest room, and I added matching covers for the headboard that
can easily be removed for cleaning. I think it makes for a comfortable,
restful room for our guests. Nothing like a quilt to convey a warm hug.
"For The Love of a Corgi" in honor of Fezzik
I moved from simple piecing to learning how to do applique' and
thread painting. You'll remember that I prefer the term "needle dancing".
"Patchwork Pumpkins" - pattern from Shabby Fabrics
 Who knew that, after my first applique' frustrations, I would
come to love it as much as I do now? This was a fun and quick
Fall-themed project, which now sits on our dining room table.
"Coffee Drunk" was from a guild class I took.
 I had fun sharing the result of a class I took that was sponsored by
our guild. It's a quilt-as-you-go, drunkard's path project. This one
is our table cloth on the Flying Cloud. One of my favorite "smalls".
"Martinique Plates"
 This is one of my more recent finishes. It's a queen size quilt, and
will be entered in our 2014 guild quilt show. I love this fabric line!
At the end of my program, surrounded by my "props".
 I closed my program by saying three things. 
1) I thanked Jettie, Karen, Kathy and Nora for inviting me to join our guild nearly three years ago. I've learned so much from the seasoned quilters who have since become my friends. 
2) That my quilting muse is a favorite quote. "The way to use life, is to do something that outlasts it." by William Rutherford. (If you scroll down to the bottom of my main blog page, this quote has been there since I first started writing my posts to you.) I have embraced this thought for the last thirty years, and
3) This road I'm on continues to be a joyful pursuit, but what I have learned is that, as with life, it's not always the destination. 
In life, as much as quilting, it's definitely "the journey".

***There were many more photos from last night's meeting. I'll be posting them
to a new Flickr album today. I'll share the link as soon as I get everything uploaded.

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Minimiss said...

Nice to get another look at some of your beautiful quilts, Donna. I'll bet that all of your quilt guild were enthralled with your talk.

Jacque. said...

How fun to read of your 'long and winding road' journey. LOVE the Drunkard's Path project quilt. Amazing how the number of quilts adds up so fast, hey?

Lesley said...

Fabulous long and winding road! You have certainly mastered quilting! Gorgeous work!

Kris said...

What a fun presentation!! Your quilts are great, Donna!! I have the pumpkin pattern - now that I see it done up, I'll need to try it!! I have always loved your quilting muse!! And that is why labels are so important!!

Createology said...

Giving back and inspiring others is what you are doing dear. Your quilt journey is a wonderful story and has produced many gorgeous quilts. I love how you try so many techniques and never give up. You are a true gem my friend...

Buttons said...

Catching up on blogland today. Beautiful pieces and presentation, feels like I was there! :)


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