October 27, 2013

A Very Good Weekend...

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A very good weekend, indeed!
I finished writing and proofing my pattern for the Shabby Tote.
I'll be uploading it to Craftsy today.
Jessie Wilcox Smith image
The weather was perfect. Low 80s, breezy with no humidity, so I 
worked in the yard for a while after riding four miles on my bicycle.
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I spent two hours on the telephone talking to a loved one who I've
been missing. I think we caught up on years of events, and I'm sure
we even solved a few of the world's great dilemmas. It was so nice 
to share those few short hours and I hope to do it again very, very 
soon! I think we'll need to make a regular occasion of it.
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After dinner with Handsome (and Tag), I even managed to spend a few
 hours stitching while we watched the Green Bay Packers whomp on 
the Minnesota Vikings. What a fun game! Woot Woot Of course, 
we're Packers fans. Once a Packers fan...always a Packers fan.

Did you have a very good weekend, too?

Tag is very excited to visit with you tomorrow. You're gonna love
what he has planned. I'll finish my stitchery and then start on some
 of my Christmas gifts. I have a fun project list planned this year.

I hope you have a great week. I'll be back on Wednesday! 

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Lesley said...

Lovely graphics to go with your story...so sweet!

Createology said...

Productive and relaxed weekend is what you must have enjoyed. I adore the sweet little images you have shared. Blissful week to you dear...


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