November 10, 2017

Christmas Jam...

Christmas Jam
Yesterday ended with jars filled with tasty Christmas Jam. I made two batches which yielded fourteen 8 ounce jars and four 4 ounce jars. It's really delicious. I'll be making more before the holidays arrive, as I'm planning gift baskets of jams, cheeses and crackers this year.

If you're interested in making your own Christmas Jam for the holidays, HERE is where my recipe came from. In addition to the listed ingredients, I also added orange zest to my batches. (I love citrus!) Mary's recipe is easy to follow and processes beautifully (and our whole house smells like the holidays already!!)

Today I'll be making chocolate chip cookies to send to my Handsome boyfriend in Florida. He's been seeing all the jams and jellies I've been making and hinted yesterday that he was craving my cookies, so I'm happy to make a big box to send south. I'll be taking some up the hill to Shelly and Andy (and Eli), too! Lord knows, I don't need to eat them all!

It's hard to believe it's already Friday. My plan is to spend the weekend on homekeeping things, and Monday I'll get back to sewing. What do you have planned this weekend?


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Andrea H. said...

I've never heard of Christmas jam but it sounds delicious. Thanks for the link. I saw several recipes that I might have to try. Seeing the recipe for watermelon rind pickles brings back lots of good memories and a craving for some!

Createology said...

WOW! Christmas jam looks beautiful and sounds delicious. Just the spices alone have my mouth watering. Your gift baskets sound perfect. I honestly fell down the recipe hole when I clicked Mary’s link. Thank you very much for sharing. I am not much of a cook but hubby is a foodie who loves to eat. Those sausage dressing balls of hers are a must make for my man! Blessings Donna Dear...<3

Jacque. said...

oh. yum!

heartsease54 said...

So glad to hear you are feeling better! It is horrible to be sick and I know that I, for one, make the worst patient in the world.

maggie said...

Thanks for sharing the jam recipe..It looks so lovely and tasty. I love food gifts. Unfortunately, most all of my family live across country and mailing can be an issue. maggie


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