November 4, 2017

Opinions, Please...

L-R Clockwise: Bryn Wallet/Crossbody, Half Pint Cases, Pincushions, Grab & Go Clutch, Key Fobs, Grab & Go Crossbody, Fabric, Kirby Bags, (center) Trifold Organizer
I have a cold. ugh! A sneezy, coughing, head cold. I have no energy to go into the studio, and I'm drinking lots of liquids. While I'm "laid up", I've been thinking about the booth I'll have at our quilt show in February 2018.
I'm thinking I'll be stocking up on the items you see in the photo collage above, but I'd like your opinion, too. The fabrics I'll be choosing will be quilting/sewing themed, as well as Florida/tropical themed for the touristas

ID Lanyard - Pockets Front and Back

I know I'll make wallets and crossbody bags, but I'm wondering what else you think I should carry. I'm thinking my weighted pincushions, ID lanyards, trifold organizers, key fobs, kit bags, and perhaps totes. Do you have an idea that you particularly like? If you went to a show, what would you be looking for?

Brynwood Kit Bag

I've got a poll over at the top of my sidebar. I'd appreciate it if you'd help me out by choosing what you might like to see. You can choose multiple items, too! If you don't see something you think I should make, please send me an email to tell me about it. I'd really appreciate your input. 
The poll will be up for a full week. I can't wait to see your responses. Thanks, in advance.

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Createology said...

Oh this is easy! You know I covet each and everything you create. I have been secretly wanting/needing one of your sewing tri-fold organizers. I bought the pattern long ago but just have not sewn it. So sorry you are sick and I will lift Healing Energy for you my friend. Hugs and Vicks all over...xo

CathieJ said...

Donna, I thought you would like to know that your facebook post doesn't bring you to the poll. You have to click on the website version and you don't mention that in your post. I love your items and I will complete the poll. I hope you feel better soon. Cathie

mray said...

Oh no, Sure hope your cold is gone! Hoping you are feeling much better today...eating soup, and drinking some spiced hot tea! Please c my email when you can ... a couple ideas for your booth. Hugs, Marcy


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