November 11, 2017

End Of Season...

Soy Bean Harvest

Harvest time intrigues me. I love the process. I love the machinery. I respect that hard work and long hours our neighbors put in as they provide for not only their families, but America's families.

A few days ago, I heard the machinery in the fields north of us. I knew that our neighbor and his sons would be harvesting the soybean field (and part of the property they lease from us) soon. The night before last, I could see the lights of the machinery, as they worked late into the night in the field just to the west of this one.

Soy Bean Harvest
Today, they tackled our shared fields. I sat, again enthralled, to see how the machinery was so effective at harvesting the soybeans. By dark, this field was cleared. 
I'm not sure whether or not they plan to till before the snow falls, or whether it will stay as it is now. I do know that our neighbors are good stewards of the land, so they'll do the best for their - and our - land. We're happy to be partners in their production, even in a small way. 
I think about food producers, whether small, home gardeners like me, or large operations like our closest farm neighbors. I have a great respect and appreciation for what they do. As much as I enjoy my reintroduction to canning this fall - and my tiny kitchen garden - I can only sit in awe of all they produce and accomplish. I'm grateful that the work of farmers, big and small, grows so many of the crops that I was able to bring into our kitchen and serve my family.

As this growing season comes to an end, I'm grateful for their knowledge, diligence and commitment to their craft. I wish I could personally thank each and every one of them. I want them to know that I know where my food source comes from. Thanks to them, our lives are infinitely easier and richer, and we're all healthy and nourished because of it.


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Createology said...

Beautiful tribute to our wonderful hard working farmers! I also love the farming process and what the land produces. My husband did a small consulting job for an agriculture firm this past year and it was extremely interesting to learn some of the nuances. We also learned from our friends who lease their acreage to tomato growers who alternate some years with Sunflowers for the enrichment of the soil. There is such a wealth of knowledge that comes with farming. I too am in awe! Thank you Farmer’s very much. <3
And Thank You Veterans on this Veterans Day of Honoring your sacrifices. <3

krayolakris said...

Well said!

heartsease54 said...

Hear, hear.


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