April 20, 2016

Sewing Aside For A Few Days...

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I spent the day "spiffing up the joint", as Handsome calls it.
We're looking forward to having the "kids" here for a few days, and we're all
ready for their arrival today. It's going to be great to see our son, his dear wife
and our grandson. I told Handsome, I plan to find out if our nearly fifteen year
old boy still likes Grandma Hugs. I know I've saved up more than a few for him!

I'll be posting links to some fun projects and videos for the next couple of days.
I wouldn't want you to think you're not on my mind, after all.
Of course, there will be pictures coming, too!


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Createology said...

I know you will enjoy every minute of family time. Those hugs will probably have to remain a secret between the two of you. Embracing Family Bliss...

Jane said...

Enjoy your special family time! Those little ones grow up so fast!

Jacque. said...

I think all boys - no matter the age - enjoy the Grandma hugs. Have a great time with your family! xo


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