April 19, 2016

Love Letters And A Favorite Helper...

Brynwood Needleworks - Pincushion - Love Letters

I was busy yesterday, fulfilling orders and getting things ready to deliver. Late day, I received a new order, so I started it right away, and then completed it after I got back home from my guild meeting. (I did have extra parts cut out when I made the latest order, which gave me a jump start.)

Brynwood Needleworks - Pincushion - Love Letters Detail

The fabric has roses and love letters in the fabric design. My client asked for a pocket, so I added it to this one. The lace was sewn to the pocket fabric and then it was added to the front of the pincushion. It's already packed and will go in today's mail to its new home.

Brynwood Needleworks - Mini Thread Caddy Deluxe

My friend, Jacque, noticed my thread caddy in the background of one of my recent post photos and asked for details about it. I thought you might be curious about it, too, so here are a few photos and my source.

It's called a Mini Thread Caddy Deluxe, and it's made by Barnetts Laptop Hoops on Etsy. You can see that it has a bolt, perfectly sized to hold a spool of thread; two pegs on the left side to hold thimbles; a built-in thread cutter; a depression to hold a container of Thread Heaven™; two openings next to the thimble pegs to hold glue pens or marking pencils (I keep my tubes of needles in one); and a magnet to secure needles in use.

Brynwood Needleworks - Back of Mini Thread Caddy Deluxe

There's also a magnet on the back to hold a pair of embroidery scissors...just about everything you need to hold supplies for applique' or any form of hand sewing or hand quilting at the ready.

HERE is a link to Barnetts' Etsy shop. This particular model costs $29.99, plus shipping. There's also a different model, which doesn't include the thread cutter attachment, and another with a drawer. Either way, they're extremely handy and well made. There are more detailed photos in their listings, too.

Disclaimer: I receive no compensation for this review. I just love it and thought you might, too.

Happy Wednesday. The week is downhill sailing from here! We have family arriving tomorrow, so it's going to get exciting around here for a few days. (I can't wait!)


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Createology said...

And another beautiful Pincushion completed dear. I love your at-the-ready needle and thread caddy. Thank you for sharing the link. Rest up for your family visit...very exciting visit.

Minimiss said...

Very pretty pin cushion and that is a very clever thread caddy. I would imagine they will sell plenty. Enjoy your family weekend.


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