April 12, 2016

Coming Along Nicely...

Brynwood Needleworks - Table Runner Applique'
I'm nearly finished with the applique' for the table runner I'm creating. I'll be working toward completion while I visit with my Nifty 50 girlfriends today. 
After I finish the applique' panels (Yes. There are two of them), they'll be attached to the patchwork section. Then I'll layer and quilt it, finishing with binding. No sweat. Right?
It will be leaving here - headed for its new home - in time to arrive for Birthday celebrating! It will be fun to share photos of the entire piece with you as soon as it's done. 

I'm packed and ready to head over to meet the girls. I'll see you again tomorrow.


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mray said...

Hello Donna! Your birthday runner is wonderful & I can just imagine it being used and enjoyed for years. May I ask what is the wooden thread holder, is that a cutter attached....?Have never seen one before, looks so handy for hand stitching. Thank you for any information. Hugs, to you. Marcy

Createology said...

This Birthday gift will be such a treasure. You always make the most thoughtful and beautiful gifts dear. Enjoy your group of talented friends.


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