March 22, 2016

Wallet Production Day...

Brynwood Needleworks - Wallet Production - #38 & #39 In Process

In addition to shipping, and a few other necessary tasks, I started order production on a commission for two clutch wallets. I spent the morning selecting fabric and cutting out all the components.

Brynwood Needleworks - Wallet Production

My client requested this line of fabric ("Piecemakers" by Kathy Schmitz) from my inventory, and she wanted it in two for one wallet, and the other in the gold/brown colorway.

Brynwood Needleworks - Wallet Completed - #38 - Piecemakers II

I take a lot of care in every piece I create, so it's not a matter of working fast with me. It's so much more important to create quality.

I especially take pride in matching fabric patterns across a piece...from wallet body to flap to the frame around the flap...I'm careful to make sure they all line up. Of course, lining up and matching the fabric before I cut anything always takes additional care and time. Then, I carefully sew the components together to create a piece I'm proud to say is my work.

Brynwood Needleworks - Wallet Completed - #38 Piecemakers II Interior
This is the completed interior for the gold/brown colorway. When I finished installing the security flap I giggled at how the pattern ended up exactly where I wanted it to be. I think it will tickle my client, too.

I'd usually be sewing with the Nifty Fifties ladies today, but I want to complete the blue colorway wallet in the studio instead. Once the blue wallet is finished, I'll make all the straps and both matching key fobs. It will be ready to ship out Thursday morning. No time to play today. Hi Ho, Hi Ho. It's off to work I go...



  1. Your attention to details and quality are very apparent in your finished Works of HeArt. I love the centered house on the flap and then the scissors on the security flap inside. Sew very important when putting your name to something! Embracing Quality Dear...

  2. If I ever carried more with me than my driver license and debit card, I would definitely want you to make one of those for me. I am always very impressed with your meticulous attention to detail. Sew on!!! xo

  3. Beautiful! My mom was always careful to match patterns when she sewed and I can't stand a stripe or plaid anything that doesn't match in the seams.

  4. Fantastic pattern matching. It's what makes your creations so good.


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