March 10, 2016

Gratitude Gifts...

Brynwood Needleworks - "Dressed In Joy" Key Fobs

I kept busy while I was waiting for a client's embroidery to stitch out yesterday. I made "thank you" gifts for the dressmakers from our original effort.

Brynwood Needleworks - "Dressed In Joy" Key Fobs

I finished creating all the key fobs with the Dress A Girl labels on them, so today, I'll be mailing them out to our out-of-town contributors. My plan is to hand deliver the key fobs for my guild and local friends.

I'm so happy that I can give a small token of my gratitude to each of the talented individuals who made dresses in our first dress drive. Once these are on their way, I'll recheck my list and see if there are any new dressmakers from the Valentine Dress Drive that are new to the effort. If so, they'll each get one, too.
Some of our latest dresses are already on their way to needy, little girls. That's the most wonderful gift of all. 



  1. Thank you Donna for your most thoughtful gift. I like to tell people about Dress a Girl in hopes they will want to sew dresses and this key fob will help tell my tale. I love this project and YOU. I am truly grateful for you organizing this group. I was invited to join efforts in Southern California and there are groups in Sacramento, however I chose you all the way across the states. You make the difference my friend! <3

  2. What a terrific idea, I definitely agree with Createology! Looking forward to receiving one, and she is so right, often I am asked what am I making this week with stacks of colored fabric...this will help explain the project!! It is all about the little girls & their needs.


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