March 3, 2016

Tag Was My Co-Pilot...

Brynwood Needleworks - Tag
I left home at 6:30 yesterday morning, with my boy as my co-pilot. North Port to Orlando is about 2 1/4 hours, so it was nice to have company for the drive. 

I arrived a little early, but Linda and ladies from Clermont arrived within minutes. It was nice to see Linda S., Karen and Linda T. again, and to meet Cindy and Dee. 
Tag was happy to wait outside in a covered breezeway with a full dish of cool water. He could see everything inside from where he was hanging out, and of course, the ladies thought he was adorable.

Inside, we moved around a room that was filled with Dressed In Hope (the Ambassadors' group) ladies, hard at work. Linda S. asked them about how they organized their smaller work stations, and I spoke with their leaders regarding dress destinations and my work in North Port to steer and inspire our group. 

I shared a few quilter's secrets that will make it easier to create dresses. I also showed them our doll heads (and explained Jamie's process to print the faces on the two-sided doll heads). They were eager to learn and receptive to our ideas. It was impressive to be in a room filled with so much enthusiasm.

Delivery Day  (l-r: Karen, Linda S., Dee, Cindy, Linda T., and Donna L.)

When all was said and done, our dress count was 416, and that included 346 dolls. I've updated my previous post to reflect the final numbers.

It was very gratifying to hear from our Ambassadors that our group is their top producing group of dress and doll makers. I arrived home mid-afternoon, tired but immensely happy.

I wish that I were more of a word smith so that I could adequately express just how much I appreciate everyone who is taking part in this ongoing effort. Your generous hearts and talented hands continue to create some of the most lovely dresses and sweet dolls for little girls who with treasure your work.

I am so very, very proud to have brought you together to be part of such a worthwhile cause. I will continue my role for as long as I possibly can, and I thank you again. You really are the best!

Before I close out this effort, I guess I'd better tell you our next deadline...
 I'm calling it the 2016 Firecracker Dress (and Doll) Drive.
Deadline: July 8, 2016

(Please plan to hang on to your creations until closer to the deadline. I'll let you know when I'll start taking in shipments, so they don't come in too early.)

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mray said...

What a blessing to be a very small part of this organization! I am so thankful to have time & material to create dresses for these sweet little girls. Thank you Donna and all these sewing angels!

Createology said...

Thank you Donna for all your hard work and efforts in organizing and cheerleading such a wonderful group of generous giving people for Dress a Girl Around the World. I am blessed to be able to sew dresses for such precious little girls with the big huge smiles of gratitude. Firecracker will ignite us even further dear. And thank you Tag for helping with the delivery. Fabulous Friday...

Sharon said...


You and your furry copilot are so cute together!

Let me know if you need cute buttons for your dresses. I have lots to donate!

Kris said...

Wonderful, wonderful project, Donna!! Thank you for your kindness!!


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