March 9, 2016

Jamie's Quilt...

Brynwood Needleworks - Jamie's Quilt

My retreat roomie, Jamie, started this quilt while we were in Sebring in February. When we got to Nifty 50s yesterday, she brought out her pieced quilt top to show to the ladies that were there. We all loved it! (Note: Jamie's holding it up sideways. The lines will lie vertically on a bed.)

It's a gift for her niece, who will be graduating from college next month. Jamie has her own longarm machine, so she won't have a problem getting it quilted with time to spare.

When we were in Sebring, I showed her a wide, backing fabric that I have on the bolt in a brown fabric that worked perfectly with her quilt top. She told me how much she needed and I delivered it to her yesterday.

Brynwood Needleworks - Jamie's Quilt Fabrics
When she was working on her quilt top, she showed me all the fabric she'd brought along as possibilities for her project. I told her I loved these, but she decided not to use more batiks instead.

She did remember that I loved them, though, so she surprised me when she offered them in exchange for the quilt backing fabric. I was delighted at the idea! Deal done. I'm going to look forward to using these!

I'm working on Jacque's commission today. This one is really special to her - and to me. I'll share it with you soon.


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  1. I really love the generosity of like-minded people and the idea of sharing and swapping fabrics. You both had a win-win! Her quilt top is beautiful. Looking forward to your next commission reveal. Terrific Thursday Dear...


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