March 6, 2016

Signed, Sealed and Delivered...

Brynwood Needleworks - #37 Minnie Fabrics

Saturday began with all of my fabrics chosen, with each placement decided.
Throughout the day, I cut, pressed and assembled. By sundown...

Brynwood Needleworks - #37 Minnie and Accessories

I had finished my thirty seventh wallet - complete with shoulder and wrist straps and a matching key fob.

Brynwood Needleworks - #37 Minnie Interior and Accessories

My client is a musician who golfs. She wanted her wallet to reflect those themes...and she asked for a golfing Minnie Mouse! By the end of our face-to-face consultation, I showed her the artwork, gained her approval and was ready to get started.

Brynwood Needleworks - #37 Minnie Driver

Minnie added the perfect touch to my client's custom wallet. Application was a breeze, and it's completed bonded to the fabric, unlike a simple iron-on transfer. It will last a long, long time.

Brynwood Needleworks - #37 MinnieZipper Pulls
I realized that I hadn't taken photos of the interior of the coin pocket, but it's lined with the music themed fabric shown in the first photo. I finished her piece by adding a trumpet charm for the instrument she plays.
She's in the Suncoast Concert Band in Sarasota with Handsome, so I delivered it to her after their Sunday concert. (It was a great program, by the way.) I was tickled to see her reaction when I handed it to her.

In fact, she was so excited that she showed it to other musicians and even some of the patrons who attended the concert. I must say, seeing her enthusiasm for one of my creations warmed my heart...and certainly motivates me to create more.
Next up is a custom project for another client, but once that's completed, I have orders for three more wallets, so I'll be making more of them very soon. Of course, I'm happy to make wallets specifically tailored to my clients' desires - at no additional charge.
If you have a favorite color, theme or fabric style, I can work with you to create exactly what you need. Just send an email to me and we can get started. I also have custom listings in my Etsy shop, making it simple and easy to get started.
Thanks, always, for stopping by. Time for me to get back to work play!


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Createology said...

"Minnie Driver" is perfect annd the green fabric looks like the finely mown grass. You are very clever and it is always very satisfying to see someone receive their "gift". I think with your attention to details you will get lots of custom orders from those who saw it at the concert. Embracing Creative Bliss...

Jacque. said...

oh my gosh...that is perfect! The recipient must be over the top over it. LOVE the trumpet charm! Great job, as always, Donna!

mray said...

Love the combined fabric & Minnie is a scream! You have outdone yourself & certainly are the most CREATIVE seamstress ever.


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