March 13, 2016

Friendship, Family and Fabulous Music...

Brynwood Needleworks - Friendship Blocks
Sunday was spent with friends and fabulous music, courtesy of the Sarasota Jazz Ambassadors (my Handsome husband on drum kit). By the time we got back home, there was no time for sewing. 

This morning, I'll be involved with my precinct workers to set up our location for our Florida primary on Tuesday. After I leave there, I'll be picking up our Electronic Poll Books (we don't use paper voter registration books anymore) from the Supervisor of Elections' office. 

Then, I'll be back in the studio to assemble Friendship quilt blocks for my current project. They'll be 2" square each when they're finished. I'm making four, but may only use three. I'll know for sure once I see the layout. They'll be petite and perfect for this application.

Good thing Tag is covering for me tomorrow. I'll be out of the house by 5:30 am, not to return until all our precinct election results are returned to Sarasota County Supervisor of Elections' office. It will be a long but busy day, indeed.


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  1. Lovely fabrics for your Friendship blocks. I just made a Friendship block today but mine was 12 inches. Good music and friends are always priority. Long day for safe and so good of you to do civic duty. Blessings...


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