January 21, 2014

Productive Studio Time...

 I finally got back into the studio yesterday!
I had a list of things with deadlines, and
I managed to complete everything on my list.
Yay, me!

We'll be celebrating Joni's Birthday at Coffee Club
on Saturday and my hands are the last to touch her gift
from us. Joni loves ducks - specifically Rubber Ducky -
so choosing her fabric was easy for the girls. 

Nora, Kathy, Fay and Brenda assembled the whole quilt.
 My tasks were to bind the quilt, add the hanging sleeve and label.
 We included Flo's name on the quilt label for all the quilts made in
 2013. Because Joni's quilt is actually the last one in this cycle, her 
label has Flo's name on it, too. We'll miss Flo for a long time to come.

I can share this with you because Joni doesn't have a computer, tablet
or smart phone. She won't see it until we give it to her Saturday.
No surprises were ruined by sharing this finish with you!
 I also finished these cases to take to our Guild meeting last night.
I added velcro to these two cases and they're now finished "sleeves".
The velcro will keep the tablet from slipping out unexpectedly.
 I added flaps to these two, so they're finished cases. I wanted to
give the Guild members an idea of what I'm working on. Only
twenty to go! I have until the third week in February to finish the
rest of them. I know that Pat, who is in charge of the Boutique was
really happy to have them, and I know she'll like having more to sell.
Today, I'll be working on Mom's Birthday gift. I'm going to make one of
my sewing organizers for her that will match the armchair pincushion I
gave her for Christmas. She told me she liked the organizer idea last 
month, so I'm happy to surprise her with one. I know she'll love it.

I have a full day ahead, so I'd better get back to the studio.
See you tomorrow with a few more finishes.
Wishing you a creative day, my friends.

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Createology said...

If I only made one thing in an entire day it would be miraculous yet you finish so many. Love each and every one of them. Blissful Stitching Dear...

Sharon Chapman said...

Donna your work is so beautiful. Those cases are so elegant. I am hoping to get back to sewing after a sad end to 2013.My precious Teddy died and I just couldn't deal with the loss. But Tags escapades just make my day. Thanks for Tuesdays with Tag.

Buttons said...

Very nice, she will be so thrilled! Cases are great too. Ps. Does mom need or want any more Red Heart centers? Hugs from the Vermont tundra! :)


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