January 30, 2014

Next Up...

I'm nearly done with the Chocolate Bunnies, but I'm looking ahead to 
my next project, too. I joined Shabby Fabrics' BOM designed by Kathy
Schmitz and the first kit is for February. It's called "Love Birds".
Each finished project is a table mat. Rather than do all the stitcheries
and then assemble all the kits at the end (as I'm doing with the "Sweet
Stitches" kits), I'm planning to do these each from start to finish.
I'll finish the bunnies first, and then I'll turn my attention toward
Valentines' Day. If I focus, I may finish this one ahead of time!

I hope you have a great Friday. It's almost the weekend!

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carolg said...

Honestly, Donna, I don't know how you do it! I would like to be half as productive!

Createology said...

I am dizzy just keeping up with your speedy needle and thread whirling around your studio. Love these love birds dear...

Jennifer M. said...

Love this kit. Very pretty.


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