January 16, 2014

Cases Or Sleeves?...

 I had great fun in the studio yesterday. I got this far on a number
of my tablet "assembly line" pieces, and then I started to rethink.
 At this point, my tablet cases would be considered "sleeves".
 The main fabric is embellished and padded. Then, I
lined them with soft, pretty flannel to protect the tablet.
 What I'm rethinking is whether to keep them just like this - as sleeves.
 Or to add the padded, lined flap with the velcro closure.
 If I add the flap, the "sleeves" become "cases".

Many people (women) slip their iPads and Kindles into
a tote bag or handbag when they carry them, so I
wonder if the flap is necessary. More work, but would
they bring more money for the guild, too? I can't decide.

Sleeve or Case. hmmm

What do you think?
To flap, or not to flap? 
That is the question.

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Jacque. said...

Donna, I made a sleeve for my Kindle and love it like that...easy in and out. I also have a sleeve for my cellphone, and when they are in my purse/tote, it's super easy to just reach in and pull them out...or slip them back in one-handed. Your sleeves look wonderful, by the way!

Createology said...

Ahh...personal preference applies here. Since I have no tablet or fancy fone I have no experience with sleeve vs. case. I would think a flap would hinder quick access. Your iPad and Kindle sleeves are beautiful in your signature style of elegance. Blissful Dear...

zooperson said...

IPads are slippery little buggers so I appreciate the closure on mine so it doesn't accidentally slip out when my handbag tips over.

Laurie said...

I would want the flap, I do have a cell phone and don't like it when it falls out of my holder. Whatever you decide though, I know it's going to be beautiful!

Pondside said...

I vote for 'with flap'. My purse is such a hodge-podge that bits and pieces might fall into the case without a flap.


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