January 19, 2014

Thanking A Hostess...

 Do you give a gift to your hostess when invited to a party?

I always try to take a little something to let her know we appreciate 
the invitation. Sometimes I take a bottle of wine or bouquet of flowers, 
but my favorite gifts are always handmade. My first choice is a set of 
napkins if I've been to my hosts' home before and know their decor. 

I also have a stack of brand new tea towels that I like to embellish. 
They're simple and easy but have a great wow factor. I just take a strip of 
fabric 2 1/2" wide by the width of the fabric, and cut it to the width of the 
towel (plus 1"). I press each end of the strip under about 1/2". Then turn one 
long edge under about a 1/2" and position it on the towel. (I always double 
check placement by folding the towel in half so the sides meet. I want to make 
sure both ends of the fabric line up with folded.) Topstitch the fabric in place 
about 1/4" from the turned edge. Next, I choose a crocheted lace or woven 
ribbon and sew it down over the other raw edge of the accent fabric. Remember 
to turn the ends of the trim over at the sides so they're finished, too. I do a set 
of two and tie them with a pretty ribbon. It's that simple, but they always look 
like it took a lot longer to make. (Is this understandable? Would pictures help?)
We were invited to a friend's home last weekend for a delicious fondue party. 
They live on Siesta Key - right across from the beach, so I thought something 
with a beach theme would be appreciated. A strip of "Martinique" on each towel,
and finished with a lovely mocha crocheted ribbon. They didn't take long either!

There's nothing quite like a personal touch to thank your hostess.
(By the way...they were a hit!)

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Createology said...

Donna your handmade gift of towels is not only lovely and thoughtful but also practical...my favorite kind of gift! I too do towels however I have not finished mine with the lace treatment like yours. Love this! Beginning my day with your posts is always a ray of sunshine with a smile...

Laurie said...

What a thoughtful idea! I really like the idea of the tea towels.

Little Birdie Blessings said...

Oh, I like this idea of embellishing already purchased towels. These look easy to accomplish with a beautiful handmade touch. I'm pinning this to my future projects. ~ Abby


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