January 8, 2014

One Day At A Time...

I played in the studio yesterday. It's always good to go through the 
"inventory" from time to time so you don't forget what you have in
your stash just waiting to be made into something fun or beautiful.
I found myself contemplating the metaphors to be found in color and
pattern. Cheerful, soft, polka dots are always good to have on hand. 
They're sort of the "vanilla" days in life...nice, normal, peaceful, and fun.
Likewise, it's nice to have restful, muted tones, peppered with florals
in your repertoire for those times when saying less is actually "more".
Muted colors always seem so "graceful" to me.
 Every girl needs to have fabrics for those times when you want to
"live out loud". You put on your big girl panties and tell the world,
"Here I am, y'all. Take your best shot. You don't scare me!"

Believe me, I could go on (especially with my stash), but I'll give 
you a break and stop before I get too carried away with this theme.

It seems that I'm more than a little introspective today. Birthdays,
critical illness of a dear and treasured friend, and the recent passings
of loved ones can do that to you. What I think is important is to
embrace all the myriad colors and textures that define our lives, and
find a reason to be grateful for each new day life presents us. 

I trust my faith and integrity to guide and shape my decisions, and I know
that I'm never alone. I make the best choices I can for the project I find on
my table. When I'm finished I rest...confident that I've done my best.

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Createology said...

This is such a beautiful post. A reminder to live fully every minute and to do our very best at all times. "If not now...when?" I do not know who said this however it is my daily reminder to not put off anything. Blessings Dear...


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