January 26, 2014

Sunkissed Chocolate Bunnies...

 Happy Monday, all y'all! Hope everyone had a nice weekend.
Ours was filled with music and friends...and very little studio time.

Remember the last time I wrote about Margot's pattern "Chocolate 
Bunnies Table Topper"? (Here's the link to refresh your memory.)
I shared what I thought would be my fabric selections for the table
runner, but a comment from my friend, Renee changed my mind.
 Renee was kind enough to tell me that the fabric line used in Margot's 
pattern was Moda's "Sunkissed"...and that she loved all the fabrics. I
wrote back to her to let her know how much I appreciated the information.
 I scurried over to Etsy, hoping that someone might still have charm packs, fat
 eighths or some assortment that would work for me. First items that came up
 were charm packs. SCORE! When I found out the line was discontinued, I
ordered them on the spot. They were in my hot, little hands the same week.
 I set the pattern and fabrics aside until last Saturday when Ifinally started 
cutting, arranging and planning the table runner project. The only thing I
decided to switch out was the grey in the assortment. I preferred a soft blue, so
I pulled two fabrics from my stash to substitute. I'll use the greys elsewhere.
Now I'll have happy, "sunkissed" bunnies when this table runner is finished.

Thanks, Renee for sharing the name of the fabric line!
Here's a link to her blog if you'd like to stop by and say "hi". 
As for the fabrics I originally chose? Well, they're on the shelf for now. I'm
sure I'll be making a second table runner as a gift, and they'll be perfect for that
 one. Ok. I'll make this one first. We'll worry about a second one another time!

I hope you have a great week. I'll be in the studio if you're looking for me.

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Jacque. said...

That runner is going to be so fab...I love the Sunkissed fabric collection. I made a sample quilt for my lqs and then was able to keep it. LOVE it! Such soft colors.

Createology said...

Both your fabric selections and the Moda Sunkissed fabrics are lovely for an Easter/Spring table topper. A weekend of music and friends sounds wonderful. Continue your week of happiness dear...

Wren said...


You are so sweet to mention me in this post! And then ask readers to take a peek at my blog, that is just awesome of you!!! Warmest...


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