January 13, 2014

Tuesdays With Tag - I'm A Nonconformist...

 Hi, Everybody!
These boots are made for walkin' and I'm walkin' to Mom's library today.
 Mom said that she got this book when she first got Fezzik because she 
wanted to know all about the history of Fez and my dog breed. She learned
 a lot just by readin' this book. See that good lookin' dog on the cover?
Don't let the innocent face fool ya. We were bred for business!
 We're a herdin' breed...like cows and sheep and little kids!
We're built low to the ground, and we're streak-of-lightnin' fast so
we can avoid gettin' kicked by some surly bovine or stubborn ewe.

We actually have this deeply imbedded desire to herd everythin', so
we'll group up whatever we can. It doesn't matter if you're animals
or birds or even people. We're as happy roundin' up ducks as we
 are corralling a daycare class. Most times, stuff doesn't want to be
 herded, so we dart around and nip at heels just to make 'em obey.
(Sometimes that part gets us in trouble with people. They don't like nippin'!)

This book also said that we were used for pheasant huntin'. Mom laughed 
'cuz I flushed a songbird out of a bush last week, but I bet I'd be a 
champion in the field on pheasants! I like keepin' my nose to the ground.
 Gettin' back to Mom's book...there are pictures about what a Corgi
is supposed to look like. I guess it's called "breed standard", so that
ya don't end up with a Corgi that looks like a Dachshund or Poodle!
 This page interested Mom a lot. Although my legs have the correct 
curvature,  my butt is a little elevated over the rest of my back so that 
my back is not exactly level. That means that I don't "conform" to the 
breed standard. Pfffffffftttt! I don't care and neither do Mom and Dad. 
You'll never see me in a show ring anyway, and my butt works just fine for
 me, thank you! Mom says I'm perfect just the way I am. (I love Mom, too, 
but I don't want her to get all mushy, so let's keep that our little secret, ok?)
 Mom said this is one of her favorite pages. She loves Corgi
drawings and might have to do somethin' with this one.
(Don't freak. She's not gonna cut the page out of the book!)
If you wanna learn more about my breed, look for the old books.
Mom says they're the most fun.

Mom is gonna do a video for me next week. We have a little
game we play every day and we just have to get it uploaded
so you can see it. You're really gonna laugh, and I want you 
to hear my voice. (I have an awesome voice!) I know. You can
hardly wait, right. Well, you'll get to see it in seven more days.
You're gonna have to wait for now. I gotta go practice my lines!
I'll see ya again next week. 'til then...
"More Waggin' and Less Barkin'!"

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Buttons said...

I've missed you Tag! Thanks for a great day starter and I'll be looking forward to that video. :) xoxo

Createology said...

Good Morning Tag. What a fun book to look at lineage. I understand you are of Royalty too. The Queen Mum has Corgi's I believe. Your butt should be the one that is judged by...as it is the cutest! Happy Week of Tail Waggin and Smooches...

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Great book boy and I can't wait to see your video next week. Auntie Shell has finally got herself a bit organized and can get back to visiting with friends.


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