January 17, 2014

Time Out For Old Friends...

l-r: me, Handsome, Richard, Susan and Dennis
 Yesterday morning, we had breakfast with dear Wisconsin friends who
came to Florida for a little vacation. Handsome and I met up with our
friends, Richard, Dennis and his wife, Susan. We had a great time
retelling stories of three ol' jazzers making great music together.

Richard moved here about ten years ago and you've met him in past
posts. He and Handsome have been friends since fourth grade. Dennis
lived in the same neighborhood, went to the same schools and also
grew up with Richard and my husband. Susan shares the same history. 

Dennis is an expert accordian player and accomplished piano player.
Richard plays vibes, bass violin and piano. Of course, Handsome is the
drummer. Their jazz ensembles usually put Dennis at the piano, Richard 
on vibes, Handsome on the drum kit and a friend named, Lee (whose
 passing left a great void) on bass. They played a lot of gigs over the years.

These childhood friends of my husband's quickly became mine, too. I've
always enjoyed hearing their old stories, and we all add new tales to the
collection from our Florida and Wisconsin musical and life adventures.
l-r: Handsome, me, Dennis and Susan
 Richard couldn't join us earlier in the week when they first arrived
 in town, so we had to carry on without him...and carry on, we did!

We're already planning our future gathering - next time on their turf.
In the meantime, we can look back on these pictures and think of
how old friendships span time and distance...and never end.

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Pondside said...

It's so important to stay in touch with old friends and to nurture friendships. I can see by the smiles that you really treasure your time with these friends.

Createology said...

Friendships are Smileships that make our life journey pleasant and full of wonderful memories. Love the photos with such happy smiles...


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