January 14, 2014

Unplanned Post...

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 Believe me when I tell you I had something completely different planned
 to share with you today, but I came across this last night and decided to 
switch gears for today. I was reading Facebook updates after I got back 
home from Paneras and I couldn't resist starting your day with a laugh...
because any day you find yourself laughing, is a good day, indeed.

Amazon sells Haribo™ Sugarless Gummy Bears in bulk...5# bags bulk.
Whenever you purchase things online these days, there is usually a place 
where you can leave a product review. The reviews for this product have 
gone viral on the Internet, and once you read them, you'll understand why.

I started reading them and Handsome came into the room to find out just
what had me laughing so hard. I started reading them out loud to him, and
we then laughed together until we both had tears streaming down our cheeks.
He was the one who suggested that I switch gears and tell you about them.

I'm going to link you to these reviews, but please remember to come back
here to let me know what you thought of them. Gosh, I hope you laugh, too.

Please be sure to come back when you've read them!

I'll be back with a craft-related post tomorrow.

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laurajane said...

Oh dear I really wish I hadn't read this over breakfast.LOLxx

Kathy C said...

Thanks for sharing! Laughed so hard tears were streaming. Great way to start the day...must go fix my makeup now. :)

Marilyn said...

Oh my!! Laughed through it all.♥♫

Createology said...

Sounds like a better prep for that dreaded colonoscopy. I won't be buying these little gummy bears that look so innocent. Too much broccoli will do the very same cleanse. Thank you Handsome and Donna for the warning PSA. Laughter is a very good thing...

Andrea H. said...

I laughed so hard that my dog had to come check on me! That is one purchase I will not be making. Thanks for the laugh!

Gloria M said...

Hi Donna, I enjoyed the reading material. I have been sick and I cough when I laugh and I will tell you I coughed so hard trying to read this. Thanks for the entertainment. Gloria

carolg said...

O.M.G. Dogs think I've lost my mind. Cannot. Stop. Laughing. P.S. They put this sweetener in some ice cream. My daughter has been there, done that.

Buttons said...

I only got past the first few...depends anyone?
(No offense)
Sharing, thanks for the laughs Donna! :)

Ps. They aren't on Atkins are they?

lynda said...

I had a friend whose aunt lived in a nursing homecand always complained about constipation. Because sge was diabetic, they would bring her a box of sugar free chocolates (same warning as the Gummy Bears!). One day they visited and they said she proceeded to eat most of the chocolates in the box. He said she kept running off to the bathroom..obviously not constipated that day!

Minimiss said...

Absolutely hilarious!!


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