June 15, 2013

Sunday Scripture - Father's Day...

Image by Ahrens Photography • Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
This year, I want to write about the best father I know...Handsome.
For the past thirty three years, I've watched him parent two sons who have
become loving, considerate and honest men. He makes it look easy.
Handsome with his brother 1957
If you knew more about his own parents and their lives growing up in
the Midwest, none of this would come as a surprise to you. His parents
provided him with all the tools, and they set a fine example for my husband.
Handsome with our two sons
He's never been stingy with affection, but likewise, he knows that 
there are important values a father should pass to his children:
• Kindness, consideration and patience 
• Respect for the rights of others
• Willingness to work hard toward a goal
• The value of an education 
• The importance of listening
• Remembering to laugh
• Knowing the joy of having music in your life
• Love of the outdoors
• Faith in God
 • To be truthful and honest

A father who can teach these lessons by example is a fine man, indeed.
Grandpa Handsome and our grandchildren

We can already see understanding in our grandchildrens' eyes. We know that we have
done well in teaching our sons, and they are fostering this knowledge in their children.

It has been a joy for me to watch my husband interact with two young boys who have
become loving fathers in their own right. I've been honored to be a part of the heritage
my husband learned from his parents. and knowing that our values will be passed to our grandchildren makes for a life fulfilled. I know that our grandchildren will share this
legacy. We can see it already. He is the head of our family and we are blessed for it.
I love you, Husband.

 Happy Father's Day to my husband and our sons.
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I hope all of you are able to share Father's Day with your favorite father, too.

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creativedawn said...

Bless you Donna. That is such an inspirational message.


Createology said...

Lovely tribute to Handsome and his roots and the legacy your sons are continuing to pass along. Great photos. Happy Father's Day Dear...

Beedeebabee said...

What a lovely post, Donna. You have such a beautiful family! xo

Minimiss said...

A truly lovely and loving post Donna.


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