June 5, 2013

Fragrance Cards...

 Some may call me "spoiled", but I have always preferred "well-loved".

One of my guilty pleasures is to purchase laundry powder from a 
West Coast (California) company called La Bouquetiere'.  I learned of this 
company years ago, when another vendor enclosed a sample with my order.
Image courtesy of La Bouquetiere
My favorite fragrance is "Delice Infini". 

This is the company description of this particular fragrance:
"Infinite Delight. Resides in the Floral-Aromatic world of fragrance. Her bold, 
earthy base notes of exotic sandalwood & oak moss are layered over powerful 
 musk. Elusive white violets, patchouli & sumptuous roses form her flirtatious, 
floral heart. While fresh notes of lemon, orange & aquatics float lightly 
to her head producing an intriguing and captivating creature."

It's eco-friendly and free of severe chemicals, so it's perfect for washing
my lingerie and bedding. It also has a companion fabric softener, and more.

I admit that these products are a little expensive, but it doesn't take much
to clean a load of laundry, and the fragrance lingers for a long time.
 When I placed my most recent order, the company was offering 
FREE fragrance cards.. All I had to do was pick and choose and
they arrived with my most aromatic delivery. Oh, goodness.
My whole shipment smelled heavenly!
The best part is that these fragrance cards allow me to sample other scents.
I can tell you that many of them really appealed to me, and I'm already 
planning my next order to the company. There are room fragrances, lotions,
body sprays, candles, bath products and household cleaning products.
This card especially caught my attention...
Now I know what I'll be ordering next.

I love that long after the fragrance leaves these cards, I'll still have lovely
images to use for art projects or other special uses. They're real "keepers".

If you're interested in browsing the La Bouquetiere' website, THIS IS THE LINK.

I can tell you that everything on their site is a feast for the eyes,
and you can take my word for the fact that when a package arrives,
it's a real feast for all your senses, too. No apologies. We're worth it!

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BumbleBeeLane said...

Oh I wish I had smell o vision right now..smile..Very pretty just to look at.Off to take a look.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Createology said...

Treating ourselves to something special is just as important as taking care of ourselves. I can imagine how wonderful your laundry smells after you finish. Thankful Thursday Dear...

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That sounds wonderful! I'm going to follow your link! Thanks!

Wendy said...

After reading your lovely post I visited the site and ordered some lavender washing powders...and of course I had to order the little samples as well...now to be patient until it arrives so I can use it! Thank you for the link...

Buttons said...

I'm a few days behind in blog land. What a nice way to start this soggy day. I checked out the site and can't wait to order. I think the hand lotion sampler will make a great gift. Thank you for sharing Donna. :)

Marydon said...

Awesome! Checking this out for sure.
You deserve to be spoiled, always, sweet Donna.

Hugs & love,


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