June 17, 2013

Tuesdays With Tag - Babies...

 Hi, Everybody!
It's already hot and steamy in south Florida, but I'm not complainin'.
Even though Mom isn't allowed in the swimmin' pool yet, Dad and
I have spent some quality "guy time", hangin' out in the water together.

Mom is allowed to drive again though, so she's taken me on a few errands 
where I'm not in the car alone at all. When it gets hot down here, people 
will break out your windows if you're dumb enough to leave a dog inside...
and rightly so!

The last time we went out for a ride, we parked on the driveway instead of
in Mom's parkin' tent and she noticed somethin' on one of the shutter tracks.
 She said, "Hey, Tag! What the heck is that hot mess over there?"
"I don't know Mom. Let's check it out."
So we got out of the car and did a little investigatin'.
 As we got closer, Mom said she knew what it was.
"It's a bird's nest, Tag."
No kiddin'!

Mom Bird was pretty smart. She tucked that nest right into the
corner behind the shutter and under the ledge. Then she made her nest
using lots of pine needles and fuzzy palm tree stuff. Nothin' inside that
little house would ever get cold or wet. She's quite the architect!
We had to peek to see if the nest was "ocupada" or not.
 Mom tapped on the cement ledge for the window and right away there were 
two big mouths, chirpin' and carryin' on. There are two little baby birds in 
the nest and they were waitin' for their mom to bring 'em somethin' to eat. 
Mom smiled, but she didn't want to bother them any more.
 We backed up a little bit and they settled right down, but they
kept their mouths open...just in case there was any food.
(I can relate to that! Growin' kids need their grub, after all.)

 We went in the house and told Dad about the birds right away so he
wouldn't go out there and clean up the mess...and the little birds at the
same time. Now that there are babies, he has to wait until they fledge.
(You know...get bigger, grow feathers and fly away.)
 It's gonna be my job to make sure that nobody bothers my baby birds now.
I'll ask Mom to take more pictures as they get a little bigger, but we don't want
to get in the way of their mom teachin' them how to be independent birds.

I hope you liked my little surprise this week. I'll see you again next week.
'til then...
"More Waggin' and Less Barkin'!"

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Twyla and Lindsey said...

Tag, you are the perfect guard for those precious baby birds. By the way, you just get more handsome every day! Twyla

Createology said...

Good Afternoon Tag. What kind of bird will those little baby birds grow up to be? With you protecting them I hope they aren't related to that giant feather you had the other day. Stay cool and enjoy swimming with Dad. Smooches dear...

zooperson said...

All baby birds should be so lucky as to have a guardian doggie to look after their well-being, and I know you are just the one to see that they are well-taken care of. I like to watch the birdies in my backyard drinking from the fountain. Way to go, Tag! Lady Caroline Lamb

Terri Sue said...

You're so lucky Tag. We have two birdies that we wish would have babies. They are our owl finches. They keep building nests in their cage but they don't do anything else. You take care of your babies.


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