June 14, 2013

Studio Pretties...

 Yesterday was a really great day!
I spent the morning with Handsome. We went out for lunch and ran a few errands 
together. My healing is going well, and this outing made for a nice, normal day.

When we returned home, I changed my clothes and headed back to the studio. 
I finished assembling all of the plates for his quilt, and now I just need to sew 
them all to their base fabrics. I know his quilt top will be finished next week! I 
get really energized when I can the proverbial "light at the end of the tunnel".

I thought I'd share a few studio "pretties" with you while I  keep working.
 This lovely pincushion was created by my friend, Dawn Edmondson of The Feathered 
Nest blog. She makes such lovely things and this pincushion is a particular favorite 
in my collection. Everything she makes is so pretty, and she's an inspiration to so many.
Also pictured with my pincushion is my favorite silver thimble, a comfy pair of mini 
scissors, and an antique stiletto tool that once belonged to my beautiful mother-in-law. 

I purchased the thimble from a vendor at our last guild quilt show and it fits me
perfectly. The mini scissors have larger finger holes, which makes them so nice to use.
 The "doily" was made especially for me by a friend about four years ago.

I adore the color combination of pink, white and sage green. I think that some day, 
I might have to do a whole room in these colors (minus the yellow). I can see it now.

No Coffee Club the morning. Kathy and Nora are with their husbands
and Mom on a little trip for a long weekend. I'll be in the studio instead.

Have a great day, everybody!
I'll be back tomorrow with my Father's Day message.

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Kris said...

Hope you are feeling good these days, Donna!! You are in my prayers!! Your pincushion is gorgeous and I love, love, love the doily!!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

That pincushion is gorgeous! Have fun in your studio today, Donna! Love, Twyla

Createology said...

How nice that you and Handsome got to have some together time and lunch out is always a treat. Love your treasures. Beautiful crocheted doily and those colors would be so pretty in a room. Studio time and blissful stitching...

Laurie said...

All so pretty and feminine! I agree on the colors for a room, they're my favorites too. Only I'd have to have the yellow, my most favorite!


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