June 19, 2013

Fabric, Fabric Everywhere...

Kathy Webb, Co-owner of Sandy's Quilt Shop
I talk about Saturday Coffee Club and Sandy's Quilt Shop all the time. 
I figured I was long overdue sharing some photos of the shop with you.

When you enter the shop, one of two smiling faces always greets you...
Kathy or her sister Nora. They're co-owners of the shop. I know.
You're wondering where the name "Sandy's Quilt Shop" came from.
The shop was named for Kathy and Nora's sister, Sandy.

Sandy had always wanted to open her own shop, but she sadly passed 
from cancer before realizing her dream. In her honor, her sisters decided to
name the shop for her. Hence, "Sandy's" was born in Harbour Heights, FL.
Main Sales Floor
This is the first room you see once you're in the shop. Everywhere you look, 
you get the impression that you've entered into a colorful fabric haven.

I've heard quilters say that "fabric speaks to them". In my case, it hollers at me. 
It interrupts my dreams, jumps up and down on my chest and pokes at me until 
I give it proper attention. Well, girlfriends. When I walk through the doors of 
this shop, all those fabric gremlins are soothed and my senses are happy, happy.
Nora Baker, Co-owner and Kathy's Sister
When I got to the shop yesterday, Nora was making the binding to finish a quilt 
that she and Kathy made for a new baby. I really love the fabric and the design
caught my eye, too. I even did a web search so I could share the pattern with you.
Schooltime Quilt Pattern
This is the "Schooltime" pattern by Evelyn Sloppy. Nora and Kathy used
it to make this baby quilt. It's from the book "Sew One and You're Done".
If you like this quilt design, you can purchase the ePattern here.
Cutting Table Room
This is the cutting room. Many stories are told and fabric decisions made
around this table. Through the arch is the shop "sewing room". Nora and
Kathy each have their own sewing machine set-up, and there are chairs
and tables set up for our Coffee Club or other impromptu gathering.
World issues are discussed and many problems are solved in that room!
(It's like the modern version of the old dry goods store pickle barrel.)
Long-arm Room (left) and Batik & Notions Room (right)
Patterns, books, quilts, fabrics, notions and threads fill every inch 
of floor and wall space at Sandy's. Inspiration oozes off every shelf.
Batik & Notions Room and Sale Rack
Batiks, Freckles™, Dimples™ and more...If you can't find it here, girlfriend,
you just don't need it! (I need shelves like this in the studio. I have 
to talk to Kathy, find out who made them and see what they'd charge me!)
More fabric!
Fabric up high...Fabric down low...Fabric, Fabric Everywhere!
 Another "Schooltime" quilt waiting for the long-arm. This one is for a young
boy, and I can already imagine what his reaction will be when he sees it!

As I left the shop, Kathy was heading back to the long-arm room to do a
custom design for one of Fay's quilts and Nora was helping a customer.
Just another day at Sandy's and everything was as it should be.
All is right with the world.

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jenann said...

OOOH! Trying not to go green with envy - the only store selling within an hour's travel time of here is a multi-purpose sewing/knitting and dry cleaning outlet - only about 30 bolts of quilt fabric. I use the internet but it is nice to see the fabric before buying so I make an annual pilgrimage to the city. Oh the anxiety over possibly forgetting that little piece without which I can't finish a given project!

Createology said...

Oh what a joyful place to spend time and money. Very sweet of the sisters to name their shop Sandy. I can see why you love spending time there. What a wonderful resource for all things fabric related. Absolute Joy Dear...

Minimiss said...

What a fantastic LQS to have access to. I could spend all day in there - probably all week!


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