June 9, 2013

Collecting Blocks...

 I'm still writing my pattern, so I can't show it to you quite yet. Instead,
I thought you might like to see the Block of the Month that I joined in January
 at Jennifer Bosworth's Shabby Fabrics shop. As you can see none of them
have been opened yet, because I have quilts to finish by winter before I can
 add another project to my "active list". These are the first six months' blocks.
 Each kit comes with all the fabric required to do the block, and the first
pattern also came with the thread (Sulky #12 - black) to do the stitcheries.
 In addition to the areas that are stitched, each block also has a colored applique'
that is a sweet added touch. I don't intend to make them as separate mini quilts.
Rather, my plan is to make it into one complete quilt when I'm finished stitching
all the individual blocks. I just think it will get more use for me as a whole quilt.
 I checked Jenn's site and couldn't find the BOM available any more, but if
you're interested in getting the patterns for yourself, they're designed by 
Kathy Schmitz and are available from her website: here. Although the patterns
 don't include the fabrics, each one does include the little fabric applique'.

For now, I'll keep collecting the rest of the monthly patterns, and stay focused 
on my current "To Do" list, but just as soon as I'm caught up...

My pattern project awaits me in the studio. I'm really going to try to have
it finished by the end of the day today. Wish me luck (and stamina), girlfriends!

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Laurie said...

They look like so much fun Donna! I'm anxious to see your pattern, good luck working on it today!

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Donna! I see you're as busy as usual...after all you are the original Energizer Bunny! I think your idea of creating a quilt after you've finished all of these adorable embroideries is a great one. I know it will be stunning and I can't wait to see it done, but take it easy, dear girl...don't do too much!!! xoxo

Createology said...

Wonderful new blocks project for the future. Stamina will come when your body is healed. Continue to slow your pace and enjoy creating in your fabulous studio. I am looking forward to your pattern. Make it Monday with Smiles...

Minimiss said...

That will be a lovely quilt when you get to making it.


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