January 29, 2022

All That Glitters...

My Completed Lucky Clover Pin

See that cheesy grin? That's the satisfied smile of someone who just completed approximately thirty hours of needle dancing to create a sparkling Lucky Clover Brooch class piece. 

I sent photos off to my instructor, Clara, who immediately posted them in her Instagram account (@clarastitching). She was full of praise for my first effort, and I reciprocated with a full critique of her awesome teaching skills. I also told her I'd gladly take another class from her. (She gave us a hint in our last class session, and we all told her she has to teach the piece she showed us!)

Lucky Clover Brooch - Front and Back

Here are closeup photos of my brooch. Rather than using felt for the back, I chose to use cork fabric instead. (BTW - What a perfect use for all the little scrap pieces I have!) Of course, I had to add a tiny acorn to the back of mine as a little label.

So, there you have it. It's not perfect, but it's a first effort at a new technique. I wasn't expecting it to be perfect - even though I did my best. I am proud of what I created, and know what to do differently next time. I'll treasure this one as my first gold work piece, and I'll definitely be starting another piece soon. I have all kinds of ideas swimming around in my head...and supplies already in transit to my studio.

I'm heading to Portage, Wisconsin today. Remember, I lived there for eight years before I married Handsome. I have a dear friend, Linda (who I've written about before) there, as well as her daughter, Marie, Granddaughter Adrienne, and now a fourth generation. We're like family, our lives are so intertwined.

Today is a group craft day. I have no idea what we'll be working on. It's my first time attending, but I know that someone usually chooses the theme/project, and gathers all the supplies. I can't wait to see what we'll be making! I'll tell you all about it next week.

Have a great Saturday!


  1. It's beautiful!
    Have fun today.
    I remember driving through Portage many times on our way to our Grandparents house in Plover.

    1. Hi Marilyn:
      My Great-grandparents lived in Plover! I lived in Portage for nearly ten years in my twenties. When I moved back to Fondy, I met my future husband. The rest is history. (grinning from ear-to-ear)


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