December 31, 2021

New Year’s Eve…

Neil Gaiman Quote

I got the sweetest call yesterday. Out of the blue, a long-time blog reader and shop customer contacted me just to say "hello" and tell me that she enjoyed reading my daily posts. I let the call go to voicemail (I do that when I don't recognize the number), and she left a lovely message for me, along with her phone number. Of course, I called her back.

Lydia B and I ended up chatting for nearly an hour. She was delightful, and I thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent sharing stories and learning about each other. We have a lot in common. It was the most wonderful way to end 2021. 

Lydia, dear, I don't think you know just how much I enjoyed talking with you. Thank you so much for taking the time to call and leave a message so I could call you back!

One of the things I shared with her is the fact that I've been contemplating my "Word" for 2022. I'll share that with you the new year. Can you even believe how quickly the last twelve months passed? Let's chat more about 2022 in my next post, shall we?

We're staying home (Handsome is feeling 100% better, thank you!), and we'll have a nice evening together to welcome the new year. If you're going out, drive carefully and stay safe. I'll see you next year. heehee


  1. Have a wonderful New Years Eve celebrating!

  2. May health and happiness be with you and your family in the New Year!

  3. And thank you for another year of purely delightful posts. I so enjoy reading about your life and activities. I hope you have a wonderful, peaceful new year.

  4. That's a wonderful quote from Neil Gaiman (you know I love quotes!). Happy 2022 to you Donna, and to your family. May it be better than the last!

  5. I can't wait to hear your Word! Mine came to me in the wee hours last night. Happy and Healthy New Year to YOU!!


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