December 23, 2021

Almost Finished Sewing For This Season...

My Last Christmas Projects

These are the fabrics for my last sewn Christmas projects this year. I'll get them done and wrapped today, and then we can deliver them tomorrow. This project is making me smile. Of course, there had to be Corgis! (Just ask Tag.) 

I'll share more photographs after these are finished and delivered on Friday, but this is all I'm giving away for now. Gotta run. You know the rest...

Oh, and if you're traveling or spending time with family starting tomorrow, I'll keep posting and we can catch up together after Christmas. Please stay safe, don't eat too much, and savor every second of time spent with family and/or friends. It really is the best.


  1. Very cute fabrics.
    Have fun sewing!

  2. Perfect fabrics - and they look so cozy and warm. Perhaps there might be a little bit of the 'Tag' fabric leftover to make him a blanket for his bed?

    1. I have over a yard - 60" wide - of this fabric left, so that's a wonderful idea!
      Thanks, MA.
      Merry Christmas, my dear.


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