December 16, 2021

Thinking About Crows...

Michelle Palmer Crows

I have a lovely tin, filled with the artwork of my friend, Michelle Palmer. I went through it yesterday to find something special to make into a few gifts. I found a Santa, and another with a sweet owl drawing which I'll reveal later, but I have to share the crows today.

I pulled a jelly roll of French General fabrics from the Maison de Garance line that I think will coordinate perfectly with the fabrics Michelle used for her drawings. I'm going to make a table runner for someone special as a Christmas gift. I'll do the layout today, and plan to share a finished top with you tomorrow. We'll see how this works out. See you tomorrow!


  1. Can't wait to see this!
    That jelly Roll looks yummy!

  2. Oh, lucky indeed the person on the receiving end of this treasure! I love Michelle's work and was lucky enough to win a wee teddy bear by her a number of years ago. I still haven't made it into anything because it's just too special and I haven't found 'the' perfect design to do it justice. (and speaking of crows - there was one perched on the very tippy top of the pine tree outside my window this morning).

    1. Thanks, MA!
      Like you, I’m another big fan of Michelle’s. She so darn talented!
      I love watching the crows. They’re so intelligent.

  3. I also am a huge fan of Michelles amazing drawings. Your crows will be wonderful with the French General fabrics.


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