September 12, 2018

Until Next Time...

Donna and Cyd
I was up as the sun came over the hillside to the east of the farmhouse. My oldest, dear friend, Cyd was coming for a lightning short visit before driving back around the lake to the airport to pick up her son (who was flying in from Mexico City, where he currently lives). He flew in to help her drive a U-Haul back to Georgia.

She arrived by 7:30 in the morning, and the visit that was planned for a few minutes turned into an hour. We fell right into old conversations as we always do in our comfortable friendship of 58 years of shared memories and stories.

I spent Friday and Saturday helping my friend with a difficult task, and I got a chance to see her brothers and one of her two sisters (all of whom I've known since they were little kids). We worked hard, but we laughed and caught up on each others lives, too. 

I wrote about my time with her over the weekend, and mentioned that we had so much fun that we completely forgot to take a picture together, as we usually do. That wasn't going to happen yesterday. Handsome caught a few images of us together, and they've become my new favorites of the two of us.
Donna and Cyd

After we took pictures up near the little barn/woodshed, we walked back to the house together. We reached for each others hands, as we've done thousands of times before since we were little, and we chatted and walked down the hill. Thank you, dear husband for capturing this picture of us. I love it.

Donna and Cyd
He stopped us so that we could turn around and smile one more time for the camera, and then we walked to her vehicle. We hugged, kissed and said "until next time" (we don't say "goodbye"). We'll see her and her husband over the winter. It's our turn to visit them at their place called "Flat Rock Farm".
Until next time, dear friend. Safe Travels.

Love always,

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Createology said...

Thank you Handsome for these wonderful photos of two beautiful ladies and their amazing friendship of 58 years. Priceless...<3


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