September 17, 2018

Celebrating Eight...

My Great Nephew

We celebrated my great nephew's Birthday over the weekend. He turned eight, and his parents hosted a party for him at a local park. It was fun to meet some of his little friends, as well as gathering with his siblings and cousins. Family and friends all attended to make him feel special on his big day. It was quite lovely.

Great Nephew With His New Quilt
I love having deadlines. I knew I wanted to make a quilt just for him, and I needed it yesterday.  I chose to do a whole cloth quilt this time, and added straight line quilting to hold it all together. I sat with Handsome on Saturday evening, stitching the binding to finish it, and then I wrapped it Sunday morning, in time to go to the park.
I know this boy is into dinosaurs and robots right now (notice he's in costume for his party!), and figured that everyone else could (and did) lean that way with their gifts. Instead, I chose to make a baseball quilt for him. I mean...what kind of kiddo doesn't like baseball?
I'm happy to report that he loved his quilt (and his older brother loved it enough to ask if I'd be making more). Of course, I will...especially when someone I love requests one! I'll wait until the next gifting opportunity to make one for him, too.
When we went back to his house, his daddy (my nephew, Dan) asked me to sit down at the piano with him. It's been too, too many years since I've played, but we dabbled a little together, and then he treated me to watching him play. He's never had any formal instruction - and cannot read a single note - but his ear helps him create beautiful music, and I was in tears listening to him play. I'm looking forward to listening to his piano playing in the future, and will actually make a point of it. (I also told him I think he needs to learn to read. The sky would be the limit for him, then.)
I love being back in Wisconsin where I can attend these family gatherings. Watching the little ones grow up with adults I have loved since birth is one of the greatest joys. It was just such a day yesterday...and I am, yet again, showered with immeasurable blessings. Happy Birthday, Dean!

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  1. Very special memories and gathering with loved ones. Great quilt for his birthday. He is very handsome...must run in the genes. <3


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