February 5, 2018

Party Girls...

It's Grape Juice. Really.

It's so wonderful to spend time with family. My great-nieces celebrated their second Birthday on Sunday afternoon (before the Super Bowl). This photo was taken a few weeks ago by their Mama.

Watching The Candles Being Lit
It seems like just yesterday I was looking at their baby pictures from Florida. Now, they're getting to know me better, and I'm blessed to watch them as they develop their own personalities.

I love seeing the wonder of the world through their eyes. Whether it's watching their candles being lit, interacting with each other, or how they're learning to navigate their world, I'm so glad to be able to be a part of the whole process of them growing up.
Blowing Out Her Candles As Her Brothers Watch

Their mother is a beautiful woman (inside and out). Not only is she raising her twin daughters, but she's also raising my nephew's two boys. They've become one, big, loving family.

Not Blowing Out Her Candles

I called this twin "Miss Contrary" yesterday. Like her sister, she's a sweetheart, but she didn't want to visit with many of the party goers, and she also didn't want to blow out her candles. Don't we know that no amount of cajoling, prompting, bribing or schmoozing will coax a two-year old to do something he/she doesn't want to?

The Boys Do It For Her

Brothers and cousin to the rescue! They were more than eager to blow the candles out for her. After all, once the candles are extinguished, can cake be far behind?

The Girls With Their Daddy (My Nephew)

By the time the cake was cut and served, the twins were really ready for a nap, but they managed to eat a little bit while sitting on their Daddy's lap.

A Good Day
My great nephew, Ethan, has been my buddy since he was a little boy. We spent much of the afternoon talking and catching up since our last visit. We're also looking forward to him coming back to the farm for an overnight now that his uncle is back at the farm. We'll do that soon.
I got back home in time to watch the Super Bowl with Handsome, and the dogs were glad I was back home. Once I sat down in my chair, I promptly fell asleep. I guess all that excitement tired me out as much as the little girls, and I can't wait to do it again! 

It's going to be a busy week. Furniture moving, commissions, and a bit of canning are on the schedule. Tag will see you tomorrow, and I'll be back again on Wednesday.

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Createology said...

A nap is always in order for exhausted “Party Girls”...no matter what age. Super adorable twins. So wonderful for you to be close in miles to enjoy these family activities. Busy week indeed...<3


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