February 2, 2018

Farmhouse Renovation - Master Bedroom...

Farmhouse Furniture
Yesterday was busy bringing new furniture to the farmhouse. This is just a sneak peek at the furniture Handsome and I chose. 

As lovely as I think painting all of this a pretty, classic grey might be, I'm not going to. It's a wonderfully, classic bedroom suite that will be comfortable for us, as well as our occasional guests. Once we complete our attic guest space, they can have the third floor to themselves, but for now, our guest room will be also be on the second floor with the master bedrooms.
I can't wait to finish setting it up, but it will be a little while before that's done. I just couldn't wait to share a preview of what's to come. You'll see the whole room soon enough.


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Createology said...

I love classic furniture and this sneak peek looks interesting. Your guest room will be warm and cozy and comfortable no matter what furniture you have...because you and Handsome and Tag and Bella will be the most gracious hosts. Exciting plans and space...<3


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